Innovative Advanced Uninstaller 7.5.3

  Press Man 19:02 31 Aug 2006

Hi Guys,

I have installed the above from the Oct editon of PCA believing it is a full working programme, as it states in the mag. When it opens it says it has a 20 day time limit, and a place for a registration code. Have I missed something here! or must I get a registration code? If so where and how?

  skidzy 19:22 31 Aug 2006

If you turn to page 166 of the mag,it says you can receive 20% discount click here hope this helps.

  skidzy 19:24 31 Aug 2006

Sorry i havnt loaded the disc to find out about the registration.

  Press Man 20:02 31 Aug 2006

I have seen page 166, surely this is if you want to buy? Page 165 clearly states "Exclusive Full Programme", does this not mean what it says? Other software such as this sometimes requires "online registration" to aquire a registration code, as it does for the "COMODO Firewall" on page 162?

  anskyber 20:04 31 Aug 2006

Yes it does, and that is what you have. What it does not say is that it is forever (ie free). The discount offer on the subsequent page sort of confirms that point.

  skidzy 20:29 31 Aug 2006

Without having the mag in front of me,i believe as anskyber points out its the full program for 20 days.I may be corrected on the amount of days though.

  Press Man 20:45 31 Aug 2006

The answer from anskyber may well be correct! However, is it not a little miss-leading, if it is only a 20 day trial then should it not be noted as such and included under "software trials?

  skidzy 20:55 31 Aug 2006

Maybe you have a point Press Man,but i suppose you are getting the full program although for a limited period.So maybe it should be listed as a Software trial with access to the full program for a limited period.

At least you get the chance to try out the program before buying it.Some you do not get that !

Hope you get on with it ok

Good luck

  anskyber 21:01 31 Aug 2006

Indeed. Like you I trawl the new DVD each month to see if there is anything of interest. Usually its, yes there is, but apart from a few exceptions there is little that is truely free. (by that I mean free and not readily downloadable from just about anywhere.)

Even the trial periods are usually available from the host web sites. Now and again there are little gems and the DVD at least serves to draw attention to something which may otherwise have been missed. (I hope the FE does not spot that remark, I have been critical of advertising elsewhere and of course the DVD is, amongst other things, simply another ad source)

We need to remember that the mag still remains (in my view ) excellent value for money and expensive software given free is not on the agenda unless offered in that way by the host company. Which I suppose brings me back to my openning lines.

  Press Man 21:51 31 Aug 2006

I agree with your comments in your last post, especially the last paragraph. But, as you say, "Now and again there are little gems" and having had my hopes raised, that this was one, my hopes are 'dashed' when it is realised as only being a trial. However, having had a quick "tour" round the programme I might be tempted to buy it, as it appears to be quite useful. To close this, on my part, can the "offered software" be identified, as it has in the past, as to its status of being either full/free, trial, shareware etc.

Thanks for the replys guys.

  anskyber 09:54 01 Sep 2006

Had you thought of e-mailing the CD editor? He can be contacted by clicking the yellow envelope at the side of his post in this thread. click here

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