Inmediate logoff after login in XP/home

  Lexvs 13:31 26 Mar 2004

I was caught by the W32.Bagle.j and ran my virusscanner to agressive. It removed too many .exe files! I Ran install in Repaire mode, to keep my configuration as much as possible, but now, after login, I'm immediately logged out, also in Save mode, for all configured users.

  AndySD 13:48 26 Mar 2004

What virus checker and which operating system?

  Lexvs 14:30 26 Mar 2004

Hi Andy
I run Windows/XP Home edition SP1
The virusscanner is KAV Kaspersky Anti Virus Personal: I set the option remove infected files.
When I looked again it had removed 167 files!

  AndySD 15:00 26 Mar 2004

If you have the Windows CD (not a recovery cd) then the best way I can think of at the moment is a Repair Instalation

Boot from the CD

Let the Setup go through the first part of the Installation procedure.

When you come to the screen in which it says "Welcome to Setup." press Enter to Setup Windows XP.

Press F8 to agree to the End User License.

Let the Setup search your system for previous versions of Windows.

When the Setup is finished searching your system, select your Windows XP Installation and press the R key on your keyboard to start the Repair Procedure.

Setup will delete all major system files and then replace them with new copies.

You will have to download all of the updates from Microsoft Windows Update again because it replaces the files.

There is nothing to worry about as long as you follow these steps to repairing Windows XP.

  Lexvs 15:20 26 Mar 2004

Hi Andy,
That's exactly what I did when "I Ran install in Repaire mode, to keep my configuration as much as possible." The only way now I can access the OS is booting via F8 "Save Mode with Command Prompt"
The solution must be there somewhere...

  AndySD 15:32 26 Mar 2004

Ok heres a thought

In safe mode can you run the Virus Checker and Replace all the files?

If so then try going click here and downloading the removal tool. Put it on a floppy and run this in Safe mode after replacing the files.

  Lexvs 15:56 26 Mar 2004

Hi Andy,
In fact I can only access the disk from Windows Setup -> repair -> Recovery Console. I was looking for the logfiles after booting in debug mode. But it did not bring me any further.

  AndySD 16:05 26 Mar 2004

Hmm so no Safe mode command promp...:-((

I will need to think.

  AndySD 16:21 26 Mar 2004

Just to set my mind at rest when you log on does it reboot or just go back to a log on screen.

  Lexvs 22:26 26 Mar 2004

Hi Andy,
Thanks for your trouble, I gave up. I reinstalled Windows!

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