"inline style" not advised to remove underlining?

  turkeylurkey 10:33 17 Mar 2003


could someone explain to me why inline style is not advised as a method for removing the blue underlining from hyperlinks? (i only want to remove it from links in a menu, not all links and would rather not learn the css method-too scary)

i have read that it uses more bandwidth but how much more does it use?

i have also read that code is "less maintainable" with this method - what on earth does that mean?!!

i only speak English, not computer.please help!!

(ps yes i know, people like me should really stay away from website building. sorry to all those who spent their time learning it properly, only to end up bailing out ignorami (that's the plural of ignoramus,isn't it?) like me.)

  turkeylurkey 12:11 17 Mar 2003

please help

  cherria 12:57 17 Mar 2003

For what you are suggesting you want to do, I would suggest that you do what comes easiest to you.

Everything you say is potentially true but depends on the size and complexity of the web site you are trying to build.

If you have a page where you want to use the same style commands many many times then you will have to repeat the in-line style commands many times in the body of the html document. This makes it larger (increased bandwidth) and more complicated (less maintainable). However, if the use of in-line style commends is limited to a few places then it may be quicker and simpler to use them.

There are other issues such as do all browsers support in-line style commands. I'm sure older versions of Netscape won't. And will they in the future or will the standards force everybody towards CSS.

Again, it depends on the scale of what you are doing. If you're microsoft then CSS makes sense as it makes for greater maintainability. If you have a few small web pages/sites then it may be simpler to contain the style information within the body and use in-line.

If there are any standards gurus out there I'll probably get blasted but back to my original point, do what is simplest for you and develop from there.

  turkeylurkey 13:43 17 Mar 2003

thanks for that

what i want to do is replace buttons with text on a cell background colour to save on graphics.

do you think there would be no bandwidth saving on buttons compared with text plus inline commands?

BTW there are 13 "buttons" on approx 50 pages

thankyou for your patience! (simper!)

  cherria 16:24 17 Mar 2003

As a rule of thumb, text will always use up less space and therefore less bandwidth than any graphic. I assume that your 13 buttons are currently constructed using a .gif or .jpg image.

Take a look at the size of the button image file and if you can write what you want to do in less characters than the image file size then you are saving bandwidth.

However, consider the visual appeal of your site as well

  turkeylurkey 16:37 17 Mar 2003

to get the exactly thesame effect with a button as I want from text uses 1.2kb for a button with 4 letters.

as 1.2 is less than 4, does that mean the graphic will use less bandwidth than text plus the html tag?

sorry if i sound really thick!!
I'm not, honest!! :)

  cherria 17:01 17 Mar 2003

1.2kb is approx. 1200 characters so if the total number of characters you have to type in in-line style commands and html formatting to get the desired effect in text is less than 1200 then you are saving space.

BTW. 1.2kb times 13 buttons is only 15.6kb which on a 56k modem with a good connection still means your page will only take 3 seconds to load.

May I ask why the focus on minimizing page size?

  turkeylurkey 17:18 17 Mar 2003

the site is up and running already and, while it doesn't take all that long to load, I've come to the conclusion that less graphics intensive sites look much "cleaner", if you know what I mean.

I had the design I wanted all sorted out in FPXpress, with black a text menu on a background cell colour, but then when I added the hyperlinks, didn't my text turn blue and underlined!! I'm fumbling my way through this web lark cause I try to teach myself everything, but when I find something that I know can be done, but don't know how to do it, I have to find out or I get annoyed with myself!!

sad, I know! issues!

thankyou for all your help.
3 seconds sounds quite good. maybe I should just stick to buttons, or maybe I should go and do a web design course!!

thanks again

  cherria 17:47 17 Mar 2003

Take a look at jessey.net he's a guy who was on my previous web host who spent a huge amount of time looking into style sheets and html. His side menu is quite slick and all in text. He is enormously helpful and if you like the style, click on his contact link and drop him a line, I'm sure he'll help out

  turkeylurkey 18:01 17 Mar 2003

that text menu is exactly what I'm after

who'd have thought it would be so hard to use plain text?!

nevertheless, i feel a green tick coming on.

thanks again, your a star

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