Inkjets and compatible inks

  Peter Lanky 15:03 08 Jun 2009

I have not used an inkjet for some years so am out of touch with technology. I'm lookong for an all-in-one for my daughter to take to university. I have looked at 2 - the Canon Pixma's MP190 and MP620. I realise they are quite different in price, but the 620 does have £30 cashback. Is it worth spending the extra on the 620? Are running costs lower, it is better built? Is there another advantage?

Also are compatible inks a good buy nowadays? I don't really know what a chipped cartridge involves, but some say you need to remove the chip from another cartridge. Is this simple?

Is there a better printer that I have not considered that stands out as being better than all the rest? So many questions.

  Clapton is God 15:18 08 Jun 2009

Why does you daughter need an all-in-one for university?

As the father of two daughters at Uni (one who graduated last year and the other who's just finished her first year), they found all they needed was a cheap and cheerful inkjet - essentially to print their essays, dissertation, etc.

Any half-decent Uni will have photocopying and/or scanning facilities available on campus.

  chub_tor 15:43 08 Jun 2009

No personal experience with the MP620 but I have used its predecessor the Mp610 for some time now and have been absolutely delighted with it, best printer I have ever had. Even though the cartridges are chipped there are cheap compatibles available and these are all I have ever used since those supplied with the machine ran out. It is bulky though and in a crowded dorm or digs it might be difficult to find a place for it, reams of paper and spare cartridges.

Just looked at the mp620 spec and it is wireless so that's a plus I wish I had. Black compatibles are around £6.00, that's quite a lot dearer than I pay for the MP610 black, but still a lot cheaper than Canon originals.

  Peter Lanky 16:34 08 Jun 2009

It just seemed to me that an all-in-one was not much more expensive than a simple printer, though I've not ruled out the latter.

In the light of what chub_tor said, I'll rephrase my question to ask, recommendations for a 'compact' printer please.

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