Inkjet versus laser

  Samwella 20:30 17 Feb 2007

I need to print 350 A3 (folded) Newsletters every two months. My inkjet needs renewing and so I am toying with the idea of replacing it with a colour laser. My main priority is running costs, does anyone have any views please?

  Belatucadrus 20:49 17 Feb 2007

click here A little light reading on colour lasers.

  bennyhillslovechild 02:20 23 Feb 2007

Samwella - Basic pros and cons for both.

Inkjet Pros:
The Hardware/initial purchase is cheaper.
Better quality photo reproduction
A huge range of media/paper to print onto.

Running costs are more expensive than laser
A lot slower to print than laser.

Laser Pros:
Running costs/costs per page are a LOT cheaper than inkjet.
Generally a lot faster to print out documents, so suited for large print runs

Initial hardware costs more expensive
Photo reproduction/quality not as good as inkjet.

It's worth thinking about - A3 injets are reasonably cheap now, whereas A3 colour laser prices may still make you wince a bit (well, a lot) but if you are doing a lot of printing, the long term cost savings of the laser should theoretically mean that it pays for itself.

  Taff™ 08:11 23 Feb 2007

I do something similar for a society but the vast majority of the members take it by e-mail. If you have to print it I would suggest using a local printer who will probably produce it on a laser anyway.

What you have to remember is that laser uses a toner that is heat bonded to the paper. If you have to make two passes through the printer (printing on both sides) you have to be sure that the second pass doesn`t degrade the first side.

  immer 14:08 01 Mar 2007

I used to use an Epsome injjet to do my A3 stuff but the noise was horrible & the cartidges got the least of my problems when the printing heads needed service, so I now use a HP1220c for A3. the first run on original cartridges did 40 A3 good colour prints on 120gram paper. I use refilled Cartridge World refills. With big printruns I have to stay with the divice all the time & second side printing is time consuming. You have to wait till its absolutely dry before you try it or you get very expensive slipping & jams. The true cost of time and waist paper has to be taken into account with all printing. Commercial printers use a vaccum systen to lift the paper sheets onto position & remove afterwards. Both Lazer & inkjet systems have never addressed many of the problems encountered by users.I am so pleased to hear about another A3 are not alone, and we are an unsung group of users.

  terryf 23:20 01 Mar 2007

If you do a cost analysis for total cost of ownership for the laser, you may find it less expensive (as suggested above) to find a local printer who would print and fold the newsletters. The other suggestion to email would also save money.

  terryf 23:20 01 Mar 2007

PS do they have to be colour?

  Samwella 00:13 02 Mar 2007

I'm afraid we have to have a colour photo on the front page and it has to be A3.
I appreciate everyones answers, I am leaning towards a colour laser if I can find one that won't break the bank, the fact that we need A3 complicates things unfortunately.

  immer 23:14 02 Mar 2007

I have used A4 with one staple & coloured carpet tape as outside binder to good effect before now....I know this is not your first choice but worth trying out to see.....good luck

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