InkJet Printing Problems

  69Bazza69 12:19 13 Jun 2005

I have two HP InkJet Printers - a 640C and a 1220C - both with new HP ink cartridges. The problem is that after the first printing the colour degrades as if one of the colours is missing. does anyone know is this a driver problem, a temperature problem (I am living in S Spain now) or a XP Pro with Service Pack 2 problem or something else entirely? The problem has only just started and both printers have been fine.


  DieSse 13:35 13 Jun 2005

Sounds like cartridge faults - what expiry date are they?

I live in S Spain too (with HP940C) - and never have printing probs - so not likely to be temps.

Also very unlikely to be driver related - and it's def not an XPSP2 prob (have that too - fully up to date).

  DieSse 14:28 13 Jun 2005

The expiry date is printed on the outside of the pakaging.

Please use this thread for responses - then everyone can see what goes on, and can add their help.

  bruno 16:24 13 Jun 2005

I don't have the same printer as you but occasionally get a similar problem when the print head(as opposed to the cartridge)gets blocked.Giving it 5 or 6 cleans normally clears it.To test which colour is the problem print a test sheet in Paint.Make 5 shapes and fill them with red,blue green,yellow and black.You will soon see if one is playing up.

  Taff36 16:32 13 Jun 2005

HP1220C on XP Pro with SP2 = No problems. Do both printers have identical problems and if so from which programme. Print the same test as Bruno suggests for both printers in perhaps Word and then Paint and see if that tells you something. (Also print a standard test page for each printer from the printer properties page)

  spuds 16:52 13 Jun 2005

If you want to check your drivers, and see if they are up to date, then run a free scan click here You could also look here for advice click here

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