Inkjet Printing Problem - Repair or Replace?

  ianandclaire 08:23 09 May 2004

I have a Canon S630 which is printing photos with an overall green hue. This used to be a red hue until I removed the print head and cleaned it with isopropanol. Following the cleaning it worked ok for a little while. Further cleaning by mechanical or software means does not help. Adjustng the tones manually does not help either. It prints black text fine.

I guess it needs a new print head - however I am not going to spend £60 hoping that this will do the trick when I can buy a new printer (with warranty) for the same money. Has anyone got any advice before I buy another printer?

If I do buy another printer can someone offer me a recommendation. I (or rather my wife)prints lots of photos as well as text. Speed and noise are not issues. The printer must be able to run on compatible cartridges and I prefer separate ink tanks. Following my experience with the Canon a separate ink head is not an issue either. Any suggestions. Thanks.

  961 08:47 09 May 2004

I would suggest HP every time

The new print head with every cartridge is basically the equivalent of a new printer each time, as the rest of the mechanics usually go on for years

There is a great choice of compat. cartridges and if you buy a model which is being replaced (new printers arrive every 6 months or so) you'll get one at half price. Compatible cartridges have much more ink than HP and so are even cheaper than the prices suggest

Their latest printers (see reviews) are great for photos as well as everyday letters etc

  nonnie 09:03 09 May 2004

Hi I&C,
Do not spend on new head, buy new, and do not ever try to clean the head again with ISOP.
The thinning agent is ethel alchohol 100% pure.
This is common to all except wax types. Any wiping or physical cleaning will bring disaster.
Cleaning catridges are a better option but once the piezo cells are touched they are finished.
repetitive cleaning is the only safe answer.
Epson 890, older but stable. avoid epson 680,810,820. the new 2100 is good but pricey.
The price war on catridges continues so they are cheaper and will get even cheaper. Epson give the best results if using their own paper & ink

  Stuartli 09:19 09 May 2004

You have brought about your own misfortune - printers have a proper cleaning routine which should be followed.

My Canon BJC600e is eight years old (it uses four cartridges costing around £2 each including VAT) and still has its original print head.

Despite its age and considerable use, it produces excellent photo prints on Tesco's general purpose photo paper (£4.96 for 100 A4 sheets) using JR or Jettec compatible cartridges.

The comprehensive manual (dated 1994) and provides full details for colour printing on transparency, coated papers etc, plus the printer-controlled cleaning and maintenance operations.

It cost £364 including VAT at Makro in early 1996 and proves that buying quality products rarely lets you down.

  david4637 14:24 09 May 2004

Create a table in word and fill each cell with a different colour - red, green, blue, white and black. Now print this out and see which one of the cart colours is not working. Return here with outcome. Regards David

  SANTOS7 14:40 09 May 2004

a green hue means one of your primary colours is either empty or not working properly probably red as yellow and blue mixed together make green, in response to nonnie i have a epson 680 with compatible carts and i would defy anybody to tell the difference between them and original

  ianandclaire 18:25 10 May 2004

Thanks for your help. This confirms that I will ditch the printer and buy an HP - our head of IT also recommended HP when I asked him about this.

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