Inkjet Printer/Scanner Recommendations Please!

  cazzalupe 12:46 09 Jul 2012

I need a new inkjet printer/scanner and am looking for recommendations. Up until recently I've always had Epson's, but am tired of the hugely expensive inks, which seem to get consumed so quickly, especially when it comes to cleaning those clogged printer heads. I just sat and watched about £50 worth of inks get used up in the space of ten minutes cleaning clogged printer heads. I do question the need to use branded inks on these Epson's - they claim that they are essential and "the best" but I can't help but feel it's all a ploy to make more money.

Anyway, I'm looking for a good inkjet printer that also scans, light use, just the occasional A4 print for my digital illustration work. Priorities are: excellent print quality, low overheads, reliability, and small size, in that order. Not bothered about any other funky features, such as wireless connection, touch screen controls, blah blah blah. Just give me those four features and I'll be happy!

I need a replacement asap so would be very grateful for advice, thanks!

  spuds 13:58 09 Jul 2012

This same question is raised on a fairly regular basis, and in the main everyone as their own preferences.

I have a number of various make printer's, mainly 4 in 1's, and all have there own way of dealing with things.

If you look at places like Staples, Ebuyer, Argos etc, there are some good bargains about, including wifi for as low as £39/£49. I have just purchased an HP and Canon via this route.

For own personal preference and use, plus cheapness to buy and run, I have a Brother DCP-135C 4in1 that fits the bill and ticks all the boxes. This particular model as four ink cartridges, and I purchase replacements via eBay at approximately £5.99 for 12. So perhaps have a look at the Brother range. One further point, when I purchased this printer (£39/£49 Rymans), it came with a 12 month warranty. On registration Brother gave a further two years on the warranty, so making three years peace of mind!.

  Woolwell 14:20 09 Jul 2012

I have found that clogged print heads depends on the frequency on which you use the printer and where it is kept. My latest all-in-one Epson, SX535WD, has not had any clogged heads and prints well and so far relatively economically.

  cazzalupe 15:27 09 Jul 2012

Thanks for those comments!

Spuds: The Brother a Brother DCP-135C... how is print quality, say, compared to an Epson? Many claim that Epson gives you the best print quality but if I can come close to that with a £50 machine that takes such cheap ink I'll be over the moon.

Woolwell: Thanks for your comment. Presumably you're just using Epson inks? Perhaps they are lasting you a while but they are soooo expensive! I'm liking the sound of £5.99 for 12 inks as opposed to £50 for 6!

  spuds 15:49 09 Jul 2012

With the Epson, I find the 'Epson Durabrite' inks not much different to compatible Pro-Jet inks, even though 'Dura' are suppose to be the best for photo quality?.

With regards to the Brother DCP-135C (which would possibly have been now replaced by an update model with the same chassis), then it ticks all the boxes for quality, cheapness etc.

I have gone off Epson, due to head and cleaning problems, plus waste ink tank later issues, especially if the printer is left idle for some time. Compatible ink cartridge wise, isn't all that bad, if you select the right supply company.

Whatever you decide, check the printer cartridges from different sources, for availability, capacity and prices. And try to get a multi- cartridge printer, which will let you change individual cartridges.

  Woolwell 16:58 09 Jul 2012

I have found the newer Epson's don't require cleaning as much (my new one, now over 6 months old, hasn't required any cleaning) and with high yield cartridges seems to be economical.

  cazzalupe 17:19 09 Jul 2012

So six months and NO head cleaning? Wow! Doesn't it do an automatic headclean every time you turn it on though? I've always wanted to find a way of disabling that, as it uses up so much ink. Would rather just do it when it tells me I need to.

  mooly 18:13 09 Jul 2012

I was going to recommend Epson too. My old DX4050 seems to run occasional cleaning cycles off its own bat when first powered up. I have no control over that but it happens probably once or twice a year I guess. Always assumed that is what it is doing anyway.

I tend to print infrequently (maybe once or twice a week) and always use Jettec cartridges.

Have just got a new Epson SX445W so too early tell but the print quality and scans are excellent. The WiFi connectivity is a bonus and super easy to set up, it does it all for you. Epson give the cartridge yield on their site which is useful and the SX445 has a choice of standard or high yield cartridges. Curiously the Jettec pricing is pretty similar for both.

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