The inkjet Cart Scam. High cap. and std?

  Dorsai 20:10 21 Jun 2004

I have an Epson C84 printer. I am more than happy with the quality of it's output, but it's the ink that i have problems with...

Epson do standard capacity ink tanks, and high capacity ones. The printer shipped with High capacity tanks, and they have lasted quite well for my usage, but trying to buy them is proving next to impossible. Evey where i look they just sell standard. The difference in price would seem to be quite small. (When i can find a listing for both) black about £5.00, colour, bout £3.00. i managed to find a local office supply company who had some big black, and got one, but PC world Et. Al. all sell the little ones.

My question is what is the actual difference in capacity?

Or is it just a fix to make us think the printer ink lasts ages, but then make us buy the small tank coz they cost about the same, but don't last as long? Why make big and small to start with if you are only gonna sell the small ones to us?

  €dstowe 20:19 21 Jun 2004

Ask Epson about this. They normally respond to queries.

  Dorsai 20:25 21 Jun 2004


I would but i cant find a simnple 'contact us' option on their web almost seems that they dont want to be contacted....wonder why?

  Sans le Sou 20:36 21 Jun 2004

At those prices they must be compatibles not genuine Epson.

  Dorsai 20:42 21 Jun 2004

No genuine.

the prices i quoted are the extra cost of a big tank over a std one, not the actual cost....PC world Std black bout £25.00ish, JBL, big tank bout £30.00, (if they can get/find one), IE £5.00 more...

my point is why make big tanks if of you arn't gonna sell them!

  Dorsai 20:49 21 Jun 2004

This printer shipped with high capacity ink tanks.

When it (the printer) is reviewed by mags etc they base their cost of ownership on the performance of the ink the printer came with, and the cost of these ink tanks. But I CAN'T BUY THESE INK TANKS. as no one sells them

All i can find is small ink tanks, that cost about the same price. but are small.

  Sans le Sou 20:53 21 Jun 2004

you can get genuine ones here but not black it seemsclick here

  duckers 20:58 21 Jun 2004

Get compatibles for about £5 per cartridge, then it doesnt matter whether of not you use big or small cartriges because the cost is almost trivial. Ive used them in my epson 760 for 5 years and aint had any problems. I now use them in my C84 as well and thats been fine so far.
I have never noticed any difference in the quailty as I do not really do much photo work, however the photo quality has been fine.

  Sans le Sou 20:58 21 Jun 2004

Or compatibles of unknown size here click here

  Dorsai 21:10 21 Jun 2004

Ah, well..

It just seems to me a real waste of natural resorces (and effort/my time) to make a printer, but make it so expensive to use that it is actualy cheaper to buy a new one, of the same make/model, once the ink runs out.

they say the printer makers make thier money off the ink, but at this rate who's goning to be daft enough to buy the ink, when a printer costs £80 (and the ink lasts) and the ink costs £60 (and doesn't last)...................bemused is me!

  Sans le Sou 21:19 21 Jun 2004

The high capacity ones are £9.50 each plus postage and they are genuine. The standard black is £15.50. Their postage is very low

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