ink refills - Which printers are cheaper to refill

  garymcginty 20:33 21 Nov 2005

ink refills - Which printers are cheaper to refill?
am looking at
Epson Stylus Photo R800
or the
Canon Pixma iP8500
any advice would be great before I take the plunge
thanks in advance...Gary, Dublin

  csqwared 20:53 21 Nov 2005

Personally I've always found messing about with refills a bit......messy :-), particularly when you can get good cheap compatibles from the likes of click here


  csqwared 21:06 21 Nov 2005

just to add to that, had a quick look and Photo R800 = £6.00 each

iP8500 = £4.00 each

Being in Dublin you might have to pay a bit of postage but it still must be cheaper and easier than re-fills.


  Sharpamatt 12:51 22 Nov 2005

whilst not sure on the Cannon many epsoms require the chip reset, I find refilling my Epsons ( C42 & R200 ) no problems to refill,

I did use a compatable as these are easier than the original for refilling, but you should be aware it does effect any warantees.

To rechip is again quite simple just plave on ( Guides are on most chippers ) before refilling.

I have had problems with blockages but leaving mine on all the time seems to have eliminated that.

I do find refilling is half the cost of compatabiles but can depend on useage. whilst mine its normally just the black needs topping up
if your not cafull it can be messy

  johndrew 16:28 22 Nov 2005

I have been using JR Universal refill kits, both black and colour, on my Epson Stylus 740 for some years now with absolutely no problem. Simply follow the instructions and only use the kits on a stainless steel sink drainer - in case of any spillage.

The newer Epsons do use the chipped refills but JR also produce a resetter for them.

Have a look at It may help you decide.

  The Old Mod 16:36 22 Nov 2005

Hi Gary, I would not mess about with refills, when you can get compatables so cheap, have a look at

  palinka 18:21 22 Nov 2005

I'm not sure that Gary necessarily means "refill" as in "put more ink into the existing ink cartridge". After all, we know that some makes of printer are more expensive to run than others - and that i assumed was the point of his question.
If that is what you mean, Gary, I'd say Canon ink is cheaper than Epson - it's one of the reasons I would never buy an Epson printer. And I agree with iothers who say use compatible rather than re-filling (in the literal sense): refilling is a messy business but compatibles work fine. though in my experience less fine in Epson than in Canon.

  Totally-braindead 18:16 23 Nov 2005

I like Epsons, the compatibles are much cheaper than anyone elses. Did used to refill when I had a Canon but I made too much of a mess.

  Straws 18:06 20 Mar 2006

as a beginner tryng to follow these threads, what does 'chipped' mean and would use of non chipped make a difference to some of the answers?

  spuds 18:23 20 Mar 2006

When a cartridge is 'chipped' it means the manufacturer as placed 'a memory chip' into the cartridge. This will then tell the printer all sorts of things, like the cartridge needs replacing, you are using an 'unrecognized' cartridge. All these signals may stop the printer from working. Buying a new manufacturers replacement cartridge, or one that as been re-set correctly, should make the printer work again.

A non chipped cartridge, usually works as standard.

More printer manufacturers are developing their products and cartridges as chipped versions, so as to stop people using compatibles and refilling their own.

  jakimo 20:02 20 Mar 2006

Why buy a quality photo dedicated printer & then run it on inferior ink cartridges?,all you get is inferior photos.

Why not just buy a cheap printer

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