Ink marks on envelopes

  TonyV 20:12 14 Oct 2011

I have a Photosmart Plus all in One e B210a. When printing DL envelopes, or other sizes for that matter, there is always a black ink mark staggered along the lead edge of the envelope. It is about 2mm from the leading edge of the envelope and almost the full width. What do I have to do to ensure that this ink mark is removed/not printed. It doesn't do it on single pages.



  spuds 12:40 15 Oct 2011

Have you tried the HP forum or suport for advice. I had a 'printing' problem with an HP Photosmart C3180 printer a few months ago, and it was suggested that I downloaded a new firmware from a different model printer. It worked!.

When you say 'a black ink mark staggered along the lead edge', is this ink drips or possible contaminent on a roller?.

  TonyV 13:13 15 Oct 2011


I suspect it is contaminant on the roller, but it doesn't appear on sheet paper only on envelopes. (May be because there is two paper thickness being fed through on envelopes.) I have even fed through some kitchen to try and clean any surplus, but it had no real affect. What is the best way of cleaning the roller?


  spuds 13:34 15 Oct 2011

Depends on how easy it is to get to the roller. A cotton bud with IS0-PROPYL-ALCOHOL is perhaps one of the better ways. Nail varnish remover is perhaps another.

One word about I-P-A, it can be expensive from places like the local chemist (who may have it in stock or would order for you), for the price of a 250/500ml bottle, I can buy 1ltr of 99% pure for about the same price on-line delivered. That stuff is also very good for cleaning out print cartriges, blocked printer jets etc.

  TonyV 14:20 15 Oct 2011


I have had a look at seeing if I can get to the rollers, but it seems to be almost impossible. Equally so, in answer to one of your earlier points, I went on to the HP Support Forum yesterday but so far there has been no response. There have been a few views, but no replies. May be there is no real answer!



  TonyV 14:24 15 Oct 2011

I was reading a report on one of the pages found by searching for Cleaning Rollers etc. and one report was saying that it is not advisable to use I-P-A because it can affect the rubber on the rollers. Use clean water and dry off thoroughly.


  TonyV 19:47 05 Nov 2011

Just to close this out, I have tried again today to print a DL envelope and it is still covered with ink streaks on the start of the envelope. It seems to me that the envelopes I am using are self glued and there is the top sticky flap that is folded against the inside of the envelope but resting on the side elements and the bottom flap is folded back against the back of the envelope. Therefore I think the envelope, with loose edges, is being slightly bent on the top flap as it is fed thru' the printer and causing it to be somewhat thicker than the printer can cope with. So much for HP All in One systems. I had no problems with earlier HP models or an Epson! The answer is, do not use this printer for envelopes where the flaps can be crumpled.



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