Ink cartridge stuck in printer.

  Whiston 18:20 10 Aug 2010

I have a Canon MP970 clour printer and I think I'm a bit out of my league with it. There are seven inks and when my black ran out I looked online for a supplier and found confusingly that there were two blacks listed along with my other colours.
One of the suppliers said he would look up the correct one for my printer and I ordered it, meanwhile disposing of the spent one. This was a mistake because I had noticed that the black I took out was slightly fatter than the other colours but I had forgotten this by the time I got the new one a week later, which of course was the wrong one. Only as I was putting it in and noticed the space was too big did I remember but it was too late to retrieve it before it slipped awkwardly into place. I haven't been able to get it out. I have removed the other cartridges to make more room but although it will move left or right a bit I can't shift it.
I can't lift the printhead out either. This is a difficult machine to get at internally as the lids only open halfway. Canon tell me it isn't covered by the warranty as inks are consumables and an engineer will cost 105.00 just to come out; plus parts if he can repair it. If he can't, the additional cost of returning to the workshop looms.
I bet no-one's had this problem - who would be so stupid? - but any suggestions from anyone familiar with this printer would be welcome.

  acein1 18:42 10 Aug 2010

sorry cant help with you problem, but have you looked here for your replacement ink

click here|2728268014&gclid=CI_7goO6r6MCFSSElAodzDVj4A

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