Ink Cartridge Re-setters

  buckeye 23:15 22 Sep 2011

I have an Epson SX525WD printer (a Xmas gift) and it costs a fortune in ink to run. My son-in-law suggested buying a Cartridge re-setter which resets the chip, and refill the cartridges yourself.As the printer is still under warranty and i have just spent almost £60 in new cartridges i won't be making any moves until 2012..if at all.So what do these re-setters do..and..are they a good investment or not? Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers

  spuds 00:03 23 Sep 2011

A chip re-setter is basically a tool that sets the chip on the cartridge and fools the printer in thinking that the refilled cartridge is a new one compatible to the machine. Some times they work and some times they may not.

For some unknown reason, re-setters do not seem to be as available as they once were. A year or so ago, I bought a few from Currys who were having a clear-out of these devices, selling them a very low prices.

Have you had a look at same type compatibles for the printer or even a CISS unit (if available), possibly via a search on eBay. A CISS unit will save quite a lot of money, and give a far better time saving result.

  sharpamat 09:07 23 Sep 2011

Having used Epsons for many years, I have tried all methods to save costs. Spud has defined the job a resetter does, however I always found refilling cartridges a messy job, and resetting the chip could cause more problems than it solved. The more pins the chip has the more correct alignment is need and incorrect alignment could make the chip unusable again.

CISS are available however they make a bigger footprint as the ink tanks are outside the printer .with a thin ribbon running into the printer. Refilling is easy, but watch the types of ink if you go for this option. Pigments can settle and cause blockages. I always go for dye based inks, I have use a CISS on my 240 for many years, without any problems. The cost is lower than a full set of Epson cartridges, they normally come with many times more ink than the original cartridges. Fitting was always simple. Compatibles are easily obtained both the cost and reliability can change so its a matter of looking and choosing

  buckeye 09:35 23 Sep 2011

I have looked at CISS and it looks good in theory and the cost is about £60,and the cost includes the ink too. I have searched for compatible cartridges but can't seem to find any..obviously looking in the wrong places. Many thanks to spuds and sharpamat cheers guys.

  Border View 10:40 23 Sep 2011

Found these compatables on e-bay

  spuds 21:30 23 Sep 2011

As a further suggestion, you could use a 'refillable ink cartridge' kit. Similar to a CISS but you fill the special replacement cartridges with a syringe. The special cartridges are far less messy and less trouble that trying to refill a standard cartridge. There are a number on eBay, with various prices etc. Try eBay number 270820909937 for a photo-shot of the device mentioned.

  trekvet 21:50 23 Sep 2011

My Epson S21 used to say the cartridge was empty when it wasn't, as it seemed to be counting and saving to disk (?) the sheets of paper for each cartridge, e.g. new cartridge = 50 sheets paper. Got round that by switching PC off with power socket; now ink levels show FULL (when they are not), and I carry on printing until the colour runs out then replace the, now, dry cartridge.


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