Ink Cartridge not recognised

  dugit 14:16 13 Apr 2008

I have an Epson 915 printer and have used compatible cartridges with no problem until yesterday.
When I replaced the black ink cartridge which was empty with a compatible cartridge the same as I had in before yet it comes up with
"ink cartridge cannot be recognised by this printer please replace the black ink cartridge"
Any suggestions please?

  MAT ALAN 14:18 13 Apr 2008

Are your compat carts chipped... i had a similar problem with an epsonR240 swapped the chips, works perfect...

  dugit 14:31 13 Apr 2008

Can you just change chips over I know you say you have I had never heard of it before?

  MAT ALAN 14:43 13 Apr 2008

Did it last week, worked fine for me, still got some spare in an envelope...

  dugit 14:54 13 Apr 2008

I have changed chip with an epson one but nothing happens is there something you do carefully when you change chips which maybe I havn't?

  MAT ALAN 14:59 13 Apr 2008

sorry dugit i cannot tell you, it worked for me but it may not be a definitive answer to your problem.

click here

the link may help...

  dugit 15:17 13 Apr 2008

Mat Alan thanks for your replies. I'll keep looking for an answer.

  Diemmess 15:50 13 Apr 2008

I still use an Epson Photo 870.
The first time I used a look-alike and ever since, the popup report told me I was sinning, threatened awful disaster in the offing, but continued to work as it should.

In fact I get the same message even if I occasionally use the genuine Epson product!

Choice Stationery supply chipped substitutes which work fine for me. My only worry there is that I bought a huge discount mix-n-match bundle, but do most of my printing with a laser. In the way of things, my cartridges may last longer than the printer!

  Diemmess 15:57 13 Apr 2008

Can you simply change chips?
You can physically, but the old chip tells the printer it has passed the end number.
A long time ago I bought a simple electric gizmo which would reset the chip.
Then Epson changed the chip design so that insertion in the re-chipper would short the whole thing.
Now it is better for me to buy lookalikes with a new chip already in place.

The Epson 915 may have another way of making you buy the genuine article, why not ask the retailer?

  dugit 16:48 13 Apr 2008

What I don't uderstand I have put the compatible chip in the empty epson cartridge it shows ink full and attempts to print,but neither work on the compatible cartridge !!!!

  Diemmess 17:38 13 Apr 2008

The new chip "thinks" it is full wherever it is, until some printing has been completed.

It is possible that the compatible cartridge isn't!
That is why I suggest you corner the retailer for a little chat, though I agree it is a very strange situation.
Is the new cartridge free of all sticky seals and clean?

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