JohnZeb 11:00 14 Feb 2004

I have heard of a little gizmo that will allow you to change the chip setting's on your ink cartridge!

Can anyone tell me where I can purchase one?

Thanks awfully

  Lozzy 11:18 14 Feb 2004

For what printer??

  Al94 11:21 14 Feb 2004

P C World sell them now for £9.99. I think they are for Lexmark

  clayton 11:37 14 Feb 2004

For epson printers

click here

  whatsupdoc 11:53 14 Feb 2004

ive got a c42+ and im fed up of using one cartridge a month at 17.00 a time.

is it as easy as it says to reset the cartridge and put in the ink. looking at my original epson cartridges there seems to be a little hole on top for refilling, i suppose ill need a sticker or bung for resealing the top. do they need flushing every time i refill.


  alB 12:30 14 Feb 2004

I've used JR and Jetec kits and had no problem with either, bought most of mine off EBay and also at computer fairs...JR's here ..alB

  JohnZeb 12:54 14 Feb 2004

Thank you for response guys!

My problem is resolved.


Sorry I forgot to say which printer I'm using (Lozzy)

  holly polly 13:23 14 Feb 2004

here is a resetter that will work with most epson printers free download and excellent ,should save you lots of ink -regards-hol pol....

  holly polly 13:23 14 Feb 2004

click here
sorry forgot to paste -regards-hol pol....

  March Hare 14:34 14 Feb 2004

I've used the SSC utility since I bought my Epson C42UX six months ago. In effect it freezes the chips on the cartridges and allows you to use the cartridge until the prints shows signs of the cartridge being empty, rather than forcing you to discard cartridges which still contain some ink.

  Rayuk 15:58 14 Feb 2004

You can get chipped compatible cartridges now so together with the SSC utility not worth bothering messing around with the chips.

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