1st spring 13:00 23 Aug 2010

My sister has been told by PC world that her printer keeps packing up because she is buying cheap in off the web I think she users Choice. I have never had any problems with this ink. and she was asking me if Cannon or other printers are better. what is your opinion?

  Graphicool1 13:47 23 Aug 2010

What make is your sisters printer?

they may be right, although not all cheap ink the same. It's like everything, there are good one and bad ones.

My printers are a Canon Pixma and I have 3 Epson's. In all cases, after the ones that came with the machine were empty I moved on to clones and then to refilling them myself. One of my Epson's takes four cartridges and if I had to only use Epson genuine refills, I wouldn't be able to afford to run it. Depending on where you buy them they can cost between £50 - £80 each!

As for the Canon, I've just bought a CIS (Continuous Ink System) This is by far the cheapest and most economical way to go. Unfortunately they don't make a CIS for my Epson.

  1st spring 14:08 23 Aug 2010

The Pinter is an Epson Not sure of the modal

  Graphicool1 14:31 23 Aug 2010

I can't say I've never had any trouble with cheap ink cartridges. But any troubles I've had have soon been remedied. Weighing it up, it's still cheaper that getting the original printer manufacturers ink.

Whoever's ink you use, you should still flush the printer out from time to time. A good clean works wonders.

  1st spring 00:07 27 Aug 2010

How do I fluch the printer.

  mooly 07:34 27 Aug 2010

I have an Epson and tried "cheap" cartridges and had no end of issues.

The only ones I use now are Jettec,
click here

which last far longer then originals, are available "cheaply" from adds and are what Wilkinsons own brand are, and I think Morrisons too :)

  STREETWORK 07:49 27 Aug 2010

i would say that the ink is not cheap, just priced more reasonably. I have used compatible ink on my Epson 7450 for over a year with no problems at all (now using Tesco's ink).

If the users manual warns against using compatible ink cartridges then you may have a problem whaen it packs up, otherwise its down to them to prove otherwise...

  woodchip 08:44 27 Aug 2010

The problem using different ink is, they are made different, not all the same so chemicals inter react and dry up in the Ink Jets. She should first use Inkjet Cleaning Fluid then install Cart that she wants to use and stick to these, also use cleaning fluid now and again to keep jets clear. Or printer used at least once a week, using all its colours

  mooly 12:37 27 Aug 2010

Tescos own also look to be Jettecs... they seem to have cornered the market on supplying "own brand" to stores.

Woodchip has a good point... you just don't know how different formulations will react when "mixed"

As ever shop around for the best prices.

  Ian in Northampton 12:51 27 Aug 2010

Springboard: not sure anyone answered your question about 'flushing' the printer. Just fyi, I have only ever used Epson printers for 10+ years, and I have only ever used non-Epson cartridges. As people have said, they can vary in quality, but JetTec have always been pretty good.

Sometimes, you'll find that one or more colours stops printing, even though you know there's ink in the cartridge. Under these circumstances (I imagine the utilities that came with your sister's Epson printer are pretty much like mine)try the following:

Right click on the printer
Click on 'printing preferences'
Click on 'maintenance'
Click on 'head cleaning'

The printer will then spend a couple of minutes cleaning your cartridge heads. Try a test - sometimes, it takes more than one go to clean them.

Hope this helps.

  1st spring 23:37 28 Aug 2010

Thank you every one.

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