RussG 14:11 23 Sep 2006

I am infuriated - XP home (SP2)- followed a tip in Computer Shopper to enable windows to log straight into my account - my account was set up as an administrator - so no problems - however after rebooting and loggin me in (without password as I don't need one at home) it has turned my account into a Guest. I am unable to change settings or install software, when I try to switch to the admin account it won't let me in - won't accept my password - again I hadn't even set one.
If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate any help.

  johnnyrocker 14:13 23 Sep 2006

system restore to before occurred and dont be so lazy next time;)


ps you may need safe mode

  LastChip 14:13 23 Sep 2006

Use system restore to "turn the clock back".

  RussG 14:20 23 Sep 2006

Thanks for replying but that is disabled becuase I am not an administrator.

  johnnyrocker 14:21 23 Sep 2006

safe mode?


  VoG II 14:22 23 Sep 2006

Log in in Safe Mode - you should see the Administrator account on the Welcome screen.

  RussG 16:36 23 Sep 2006

Even in safe mode it booted straight into the guest account - then on reboot system would not boot at all. Currently running diagnostics and hoping I can recover the installation. Wouldn't boot to the last known good startup. May have to be a reinstallation but - wouldn't even do a repair. Thanksfully most of my data is on the external drive , when I first looked at doing an installation it only offered me the option of reformating the C: partition first......drastic. Lessons learnt - I have had a recovery program sitting on my desk for weeks and I haven't got round to making a copy of the hard disk.
So worse case at the moment is reinstall everything from scratch. Why oh why did I mess with this in the first place.........RussG

  VoG II 16:50 23 Sep 2006

I'm curious to know what you did to achieve this infuriating result. These methods click here usually work without problem.

  RussG 17:15 23 Sep 2006

At this point I have no idea, followed as per instructions but I obviousley didn't take enough care and did something stupid enough to lock me out of the admin account (which was ME). The failure to boot is another matter, maybe not connected but an unfortunate coincidence. Anyway , no one died so I am trying to stay calm. As we are a 3 PC family at least I still have contact with the world.

  silverous 17:21 23 Sep 2006

From the same site as VoG's link, this might help?

click here

Sounds like it allows off-line edits of the registry (I'm presuming as Guest you can't edit registry).

  RussG 17:39 23 Sep 2006

Cheers - looks interesting. Russ

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