Infrared phone to pc

  Reb 23:42 07 Feb 2003

I have a mobile phone that can connect to my pc only I have no idea how to do this. It says it can be connected by IrDA (infrared) my motherboard says there is a IrDA module connector - what is that? I have installed the software but it says it cannot connect and I can find nowhere on my pc that suggests IrDA is active.
any help would be much appreciated :-)

  cream. 23:50 07 Feb 2003

What you need is a ir detector that plugs in to the usb socket. I recently installed one for a friend who has a nokia 7650.

This worked perfectly on 98se, he recently upgraded to X\P and this also works without a hitch.

You can get one from here click here and it is called a usb to irda (infrared) adaptor.

  1st RHA 23:53 07 Feb 2003

this is connected to PC via usb would this also send to pc and what could I do with it (nokia 8210)

Sorry to hijack thread

  cream. 00:09 08 Feb 2003

Hi 1st RHA. Well basically it depends on the ability of the mobile.

The 7650 has the capability to take pictures in, I think, 600\400 resolution and download these to the hard drive. It also can upload and download files to the address book. It can also upload and down load certain games.

I have not gone fully into this as it is a mates phone and computer, but we did get the basics to work. I saw him last night and he says it s working brilliantly.

The other option was to go to bluetooth, I did advise this as it would give far more options for the future. But as budget was a consideration then Ir was the cheapest option. Not in the long term from my point of view.

Now you get to your situation. It all depends on the capability of the phone. Of course the Ir can be used for many different hardware devices so will always come in handy.

  cream. 00:17 08 Feb 2003

1st RHA

Best I can find.

click here

  cream. 00:21 08 Feb 2003

Sorry 1st RHA that link did not work so try this.

Type nokia 8210 + infrared applications in to the search bar.

click here

  1st RHA 00:27 08 Feb 2003

You assist once more, my gratitudes to you will look into this tomorrow.

  cream. 00:35 08 Feb 2003

1st RHA. You are, as usual, most welcome. lol

  Reb 07:28 08 Feb 2003

glad it looks like thats resolved :-)
I have looked at the ir detectors that go into the USB but if I have something on the motherboard that is supposed to do the same (?) I should be able to use that - if I cant work it out then I can always get the USB one but that would mean I also have to increase the number of USB ports I have.... my question is, what is the IrDA module connector on the motherboard used for/with :-)

  cream. 11:00 08 Feb 2003

I am unsure about this but will give you my opinion.

You will find that most modern motherboards have IrDA headers i.e. pins on the mother board. Some of the new, better, system have a Ir receiver on the front panel so they are effectively switch on and go. These internal receivers seem to be very thin on the ground.

The boards with just a plain header have the ability to by pass the usb connection and install a port at the back of the computer.

This will show you roughly how this works. It is in PDF format.

click here

You would still need an IrDA receiver to transmit the information to the computer.

I hope this helps in a small way.

  Reb 14:58 08 Feb 2003

Having looked about it does seem the easiest thing to do is plug in a small ir detector into usb :-) thanks for the help

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