infrared device

  hector710 10:53 26 Dec 2004

I am new to laptops; can someone tell me where the infrared port is on my IBM thinkpad, 600e;the only thing i can find is a plastic rectangle, which looks as if it can be levered out; is it behind this?

  Technotiger 11:08 26 Dec 2004

Hi, not familiar with laptops myself, but have seen the 600e. I am only guessing, but I think that you should find it somewhere on the Front edge. Where is the plastic rectangle that you mention? Cheers.

  Technotiger 11:09 26 Dec 2004

ps - what does your user manual say??

  hector710 11:27 26 Dec 2004

Technotiger, thanks for reply; I bought the laptop on e-bay, doesn't have a manual; the rectangle is on the right side.

  mark2 11:51 26 Dec 2004

I have an advent laptop, with infrared, never had to lever anything out to enable it though.

The small 1 cm x 1/2cm rectangle is a "window" you need to align this in an arc of approx 60 degrees with the port of your other infrared device.

Which OS are you using ?

  Graham ® 11:55 26 Dec 2004

IR port is on the right. Scroll down to near the bottom of click here

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