infra red external drive

  ewebber 14:19 14 Mar 2005

Hi All,
I have a laptop and would like to connect to the internet using infrared through my mobile phone, does anyone know of a good one that I can get?

  bremner 14:33 14 Mar 2005

Is this what you are after click here

  ewebber 14:41 14 Mar 2005

I'm not really sure, I have something like this already, but it looks like it is for connecting devices, but not really for the internet, I seem to have hit a mental brick wall on this one.

  bremner 14:50 14 Mar 2005

Using this you should be able to make a connection between the laptop and mobile.

Whether this will let you use the mobile as a modem will be downn to the specification of the mobile.

  ewebber 14:58 14 Mar 2005

Thanks for your help, I will look into the mobile specs

  Salut 15:01 14 Mar 2005

I can confirm the effectiveness of Bremner's suggestion having just bought one.Works very well, but does depend on the phones spec-doesn't work on my sons phone, so he is after a new one...

  ewebber 15:12 14 Mar 2005

thanks, the phone I'll be using is a fairly new nokia, and should do the trick, I just have to get my hands on the phone - taking phones away from your boss can be tricky!!

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