Information on Router-ISP Data Transmission?

  spuds 18:57 11 Feb 2011

Recently I posted a question about 'correct' router speed checking. Without going into a long story, can anyone translate what the following means and what they imply in regards to internet broadband speed etc?.

Bandwidth Down/Up (kbps) 7776/992
SNR Margin Down/Up (db) 7.4/8.9
Attenuation Down/Up (db) 43.0/24.5
CRC Down/Up 3/65494
FEC Down/Up 62155/65400
HEC Down/Up 35/0
System Up Time 2:26:08
DSL Up Time 2:24:44
PPP Up Time 1:54:41

Bandwidth Down/Up (kbps) 7877/936
SNR Margin Down/Up (db) 7.1/8.4
Attenuation Down/Up (db) 43.0/24.6
CRC Down/Up 34/2
FEC Down/Up 46431/3
HEC Down/Up 454/0
System Up Time 7:40:14
DSL Up Time 7:39:05
PPP Up Time 7:39.05

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  uk-wizard 19:05 11 Feb 2011

No noticable change.

  bremner 19:22 11 Feb 2011

CRC errors are what can slow down the router as the router must resend these packets. The FEC and HEC errors are less of a problem as the router corrects these.

AS your CRC are much lower now that is very good.

Poor quality microfilters are often the cause of errors.

  spuds 19:54 11 Feb 2011

Thanks guys for the fast responses.

What it is basically, is that I was told a couple of years ago by a BT broadband engineer that my line was capable of 5Mb (My near neighbour was with same ISP and same package deal, and was getting a regular 6Mb). In the main I was getting a little over 1Mb?.

In November I had need to get my own IT computer techie in, because of a problem with a sudden disconnection, which I thought that it was my side playing up, but this was found not to be so.

The other day, the ISP sent in their own contractor who replaced the router, and on setting it up had problems with speeds, stating that I should get 7Mb, and I was getting less than 2Mb, as previous.

He contacted the ISP to correct the problem 'from their end'. And the above is what they came up with. On doing various broadband speed checks now, I am obtaining an average range of 1.8Mb to 3.0Mb. Which is well below what the ISP is stating that I should be able to obtain now. Which is why I want some information, so that I can get things sorted out.

bremner- the telephone line micro-filters were removed from the system by BT, because they installed a special broadband box and direct line to the computer. The telephone line now runs on an independent circuit. I have one filter on a fax machine, but according to the engineers, this can be removed?.

  spuds 10:42 13 Feb 2011

Apologies for harping on the same question, but by the above figures, does that provide information as to what MB's are being provided by the ISP and what I should be receiving at my end?.

They are stating that I am getting 7Mb (from their end), yet various speed-tests (at my end)contradict this statement by at least half on a good day.

  bremner 11:04 13 Feb 2011

When you do your speedtests are they from a computer connected to to modem/router by ethernet or wireless?

  spuds 11:13 13 Feb 2011

Thanks for the response.

The tests are conducted via ethernet, using the ISP various recommended speed-test sites, that send reports direct to the ISP technicians.

  sunnystaines 11:56 13 Feb 2011

with my routers I have always phoned the router makers helpline and discussed the best settings, found they vary with different isp's. prefer not to use isp routers due to their poorer performance with wifi.

  spuds 12:18 13 Feb 2011

I have my own routers, but have been advised that I use the ISP routers while the problems are being sorted out. The recent ISP technician visit resulted in an old Seimens router being replaced with a brand new and 'better' Huawei router.

Speeds are still the problem as to what I should supposedly receive and what I appear to receive. The ISP contracted technician left the problem with the ISP, and marked his report as 'unresolved'. Hence my further concern, to what the ISP are doing with speed increase and resolutions of long standing and apparently on-going problem.

  spuds 11:04 18 Feb 2011

Anyone else wants to add to this appeal, especially on the translation of the 'profile' changes!.

Over the past few days, the speed-tests conducted on a daily basis have not proved conclusive, and I now seem to have sudden temporary disconnections, so it looks like further communications with the ISP in trying to resolve this issue. Difficult as it may seem, in obtaining true facts and positive help.

Any further help or advice (technical or otherwise) would be very much appreciated before firing off that letter, and before ticking the resolved button.

  961 11:49 18 Feb 2011

First, can I ask that you use this speed checker when responding because I know what sort of figures it will produce in relation to my own figures

click here

You might also test your connection using the New BT tester link on this page and post the results

click here

Be aware that internet security suites often impede speed checkers. My own Kaspersky suite needs to be pause while the speed checker works. This takes less than a minute after which protection can be resumed

One point I would make is that ADSL speeds have improved over the last couple of years. Your router statistics page is currently showing a download speed of 7.7Mb

There is little difference in the two profiles you show apart from the fact that the router has been connected for 7 days in the later one rather than 2 initially

The speed differences can be ignored because they are marginal. You do not say how the router is connected to the computer. If wireless I suggest you connect by cable while testing. If by cable, is it old/faulty. Is your computer software up to date?

Can you indicate the method of establishing your speed is less than 3Mb?

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