information please

  rob3600 21:43 21 Oct 2009

My son is the ‘expert’ in our house and now can leave me standing, however recently he has bought a notebook and has installed Lynix on it, what I would like to know if why according to him he has to make the router unsecured to install Lynix? He also has a base unit and I think he is connecting this to the route with the wireless dongle, but he does not sure it to sure the net etc, he did talk a while ago about using it as a server. So why does it need to mess with the router, and is there any way I can check if he is using the base unit as a server with out entering the forbidden domain of the dreaded bedroom!!!!

  woodchip 21:54 21 Oct 2009

He does not have to unsecure the Router, I run 98se XP Desktops and Laptop, the Laptop is Wireless I downloaded a Linux Distro ubuntu Live CD I can boot with the CD without loading linux it runs from the CD only thing running from CD is I have to go through the network hoop of putting my SSID and Encryption key in each time I use the CD as it does not save anything to disc so no need for anti-virus firewall or anything using the CD as they cannot write to the disc. But the router Encryption stays is place for next time I want to use my Laptop wireless, so its secure

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