Information on phone/bb cable types required

  spuds 15:02 28 Jun 2008

Can anyone direct me to a website or perhaps provide me with information regarding telephone cable types, and possible problem fault tracing and testing.

I have a problem with low broadband speeds, and I strongly suspect that the fault might be the outside BT supplied cabling. From telegraph pole to connection box (below eave of house) there is a fairly new (5 year's!) stranded 'soft wire' cable. From the connection box to the point of entry into the house and to the master socket, is a hard drawn 2 strand solid copper wire (approx 30/40 years old). The hard drawn copper wire is corroded and open in parts.

The ISP have undertaken tests, and have stated the line is "within BT limits" (whatever that is). They state that they can do very little about it, which I regard is not the answer that I am seeking in obtaining faster broadband speeds, similar to those of my neighbours, all who have newer 'from post to master socket cabling.

  Ditch999 17:13 28 Jun 2008

BT supply the phone line in order to make and receive voice phone calls. If you can do this then that is all thats required of them and you will get nowhere. Even if your ISP is BT you will find that they have a minimum limit for BB speed (something really low like 150kbs) and wont do anything unless it is below their limit. The really frustrating thing is that there is not much you can do about it except keep complaining and quote your noise/attenuation figures at them.
If you get an engineer out it will cost you a lot if no fault is found.

  Dipso 23:44 28 Jun 2008

Hi spuds, is your problem low connection speeds or low throughput speeds? Who is your ISP? Can you post your line stats from your modem or router.

It sounds like the corroded copper wire is certainly going to be a contributing factor here.

Have you checked for any noise on your line by connecting a phone only to the test socket under the master socket's removeable faceplate and doing a quiet line test, dial 17070 and select option 2, listen for any crackles or pops.

If there is audible noise report a voice fault via 150 rather than a broadband fault.

  spuds 14:00 29 Jun 2008

Ditch999 + Dipso thanks for the response.

We had a recent visit from a BT engineer, and they installed a adsl master socket plus other items. But he couldn't do anything about the exterior cabling "because it wasn't part his job". The ISP supplied a new router at the same time, which resolved constant disconnection problems.

Regarding the speed issue, all my neighbours seem to get 6Mb as a regular service, I use to have very low speeds, but due to BT and the ISP commitment, I seem to now have about 3Mb with a line that should provide about 4.3Mb, according to line checks by the ISP/BT.

The ISP seems to suggest that they cannot do any more. But in my own mind, I still suspect that the old hard drawn copper cable is the problem maker. No doubt it is all to do with "Whose going to pay", that will finally resolve the issue!.

  Dipso 17:22 29 Jun 2008

See if your router is listed click here and post up your stats.

If you have eliminated your internal set up as the cuase of the problem, i.e is the problem persists despite removing any extensions etc. and a fault still remains you should not be liable for any charges.

Try out the quiet line test if you get a chance. If you pick up any noise then the engineers dealing with voice will have to investigate rather than the broadband guys and you may get more joy from them.

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