Information from a form by email

  Bramblerose 19:22 30 Jul 2008

I have created a form which I have managed to validate and I am sure it used to send me the set out information like:

Name: ABC
Company: DEF

What I am getting now is:

Content-type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1 then:

Name: ABC, Company: DEF

which makes it a bit difficult to read.

Does anyone have any idea why and what I need to do?

  Kemistri 19:26 30 Jul 2008

Have you been playing with your PHP at all?

  Bramblerose 20:08 30 Jul 2008

Not that I am aware of!!

I think my form page is html. I know the "thank you" page is PHP.

  Bramblerose 21:25 30 Jul 2008

I have been trying to get it to work by redoing the page exactly how I did it in the first place but no luck.

Anyway, the site is click here and the page in question is Redeem Your Points.

The site has been created with a Web editor and the form validated via Dreamweaver.

Thanks in advance

  Kemistri 23:19 30 Jul 2008

"I think my form page is html."

Naturally! All code that is passed to a browser has to be one of the plain text languages, usually HTML and variants thereof, even if it is created dynamically on demand server-side. But your form data has to be parsed and it is that script about which I was curious.

Out of curiousity, I clicked the submit button with all fields blank, just to get an idea of whether you use any validation, and it went straight to a "thank you" message! I expected an error message (preferably inline, but that's not essential). Your source reveals that you are trying to use JS to validate the field content, which I just bypassed without even knowing it, because I have a script blocker running.

Can I also assume that you have no protection against bcc spamming, code injection, etc?

  Kemistri 23:22 30 Jul 2008

By the way: just in case you get confused when you read/hear about form validation, that means the process of checking that a form's content matches what we want to receive and not what someone wants us to receive. That's completely different from mark up validation, which is how we check for errors in HTML and/or CSS.

  Bramblerose 09:17 31 Jul 2008

OK, not sure I understand completely so:

No protection from spamming at all.

The programme I used is basic, its really WYSIWYG so has nothing behind it to allow me to validate the fields (by validation, I mean that I want each field to be completed before the form is submitted which is why I thought I had done it in Dreamweaver! I followed the "help" pages and did what it told me (can you tell I am a complete amateur)

When I click on submit, it does give me an error message such as Name is required.

Is there any way to correct this and make the resultant email legible?


  Kemistri 12:38 31 Jul 2008

"When I click on submit, it does give me an error message such as Name is required."

Try turning on your script blocker and you will see how JS validation really falls down. It's so easy to circumvent that it's a total waste of time. That's why all your form validation must be done by the PHP script that parses the field data.

While you're working on forms, validation and PHP, you might want to replace those mailto links as well.

I would still like to see your PHP file, but it very sensibly has a bounce in it so I can't call it directly. If you could provide a plain text version, that may prove useful, but don't post a lot of code here.

  Bramblerose 17:39 31 Jul 2008

I think I am in over my head here!

I have a copy of the php file but am can't get it as a plain text file. I am happy to send it to you if you want.

I have very limited knowledge of html which is why I chose a website builder which seemed to do what I wanted it to do.

I just want my form to work like it used to!

The website is not something that we are promoting outside our customers and the mailto links are OK for now - (I know they are not really) but I just need to get this blasted form sorted.

  Kemistri 17:56 31 Jul 2008

Once the site is indexed, the addresses will quite quickly be harvested. I would like to be able to help, but I need the complete picture to do it and the mark up is only part of that. If you have not changed your mark up at all, then it has to be a PHP issue.
To read that you're new even to HTML doesn't fill me with confidence, though! :) I don't particularly want to drag you in deeper than you want to go.

  Bramblerose 22:14 31 Jul 2008

We have another site which has the email on anyway so we do get lots of spam which we can cope with at the moment.

I am going to delete the two pages and redo them again to see if it is the php page which is giving me the problem.

If not, then the "boss" is going to have to pay someone instead of trying to get it done on the cheap!

Thanks for your help though :)

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