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  Dumble452 08:29 23 May 2004

Hope these links will help

click here

The PSU is at the bottom left, The CPU is under the fan in the middle. The fan at the top is a front of case fan and you can just see a rear case fan at the front. The drive bays are at the top of the picture

If it looks like the one in the following link you have been sold a turkey!

click here

Hope the links work


  end 08:53 23 May 2004

errrr; which way "up" are YOU looking at this??? I THINK I may need to "rotate " my picture...( assuming that I CAN!!!)

and the second "link " rabbit has probably joind the dog on my stairs....

and THANK YOU.......

  Dumble452 09:47 23 May 2004

The way I am looking at it shows a plate with holes in it at the bottom of the picture. This is the back of the computer with the outer case removed. The computer is lying on its side. The rectangular silver box, with ventilation slots, in the bottom left hand corner is the PSU. You can just see a small circular grill in the back plate which covers the PSU fan. The larger circular grill covers the rear case fan and you can just see the top of that fan poking over the rear plate. Just above this you can see a small circular black fan on the motherboard. This is the CPU cooling fan which sits on top of the heat sink covering the CPU. In the middle is a tangle of cables, these are mainly power supply cables from the PSU, the wide tapes are the IDE ribbon cables connecting the Hard drives, floppy drive and CD drive to the mother board. At the top right of the picture is a black rectangular object with a circular chrome grill. This is a case fan mounted at the bottom front of the computer. To the left of this are what appear to be two hard drives and a floppy drive and in the top left hand corner (as I am looking at it) you can just see the back of a CD drive through the hole with a rounded end.

  denchris 11:10 23 May 2004

Thank god for this Forum - I Just didn`t think of blue tack before....

  curlylad 11:16 23 May 2004

That looks like what our office budget will stretch to this year on revamp , now is the rabbit with the deluxe version or as standard?

  end 13:57 23 May 2004

miracles will never cease!!!!
no, I have not shot myself.....BUT.... a computer friend of mine who works WITH computers called round today on something totally unrelated and....I twisted his arm and he very kindly removed BOTH sides of the tower for me; we both had a look inside, and he explained the basics of the bits in there; i was able to give it a quick clean and blow some dust out of it....we have also discovered that one of MY fans may be "thnking about gettign old or out of alignment"......

I certainly will NOT be "roaming in there" frequently!!!!!!but, am looking forward to "enjoying " studying the link F.E. has kindly posted for mel; the problem i, I do not have a CDwriter on which to "save" it to use my lap top to look at it.. and am SURE people will confirm for me that it will NOT"work" saved on to a floppy????? ( or am I wrong on that????)...but...THAKS peoples for ALL this help and encouragement...IT IS appreciated, believe you me!!!!!!

  end 13:59 23 May 2004

( AND...give me a human being "any day" much more "comfortable" dealing with THEM and what goes wrong than dealing with computers!!!!)

  Gaz 25 14:39 23 May 2004

God. lol click here

Soooo funny.

  Gaz 25 14:41 23 May 2004

And listen to the sound file! lol

  mbp 14:56 23 May 2004

Dumble452 Excellent URL's. Excellent pictures for a forum URL. Now we will all be building computers next. Thanks!

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