Iain's 20:33 14 Feb 2006

My brother is buying a lap top and knows nothing about them: As he is in the US its hard to advise him by going into shops. so need to just write to him.
budget £750
doesnt need to be super slim or light. will use mainly in the house but does travel with work.
needs wirless.
USE: internet, e-mail, basic photo editing and
able to down load films. No gaming use required.
Just after advice on minimum Hard drive size, screen size, processor type, and what makes to go for or avoid.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:55 14 Feb 2006

USA use 110v check mains power adapter will also suit 240v if he wants to use it here.

  Totally-braindead 21:01 14 Feb 2006

Downloading films will use a huge amount of hard drive space, suggest he gets the biggest hard drive he can, can't recommend a particular model but I personally like Toshiba, a couple of friends have had theirs for quite some time now and neither have missed a beat. Sony are good but in my opinion far too expensive. Can't comment on other makes they are really the only ones I've ever used.

  rmcqua 21:55 14 Feb 2006

I used to live in the USA and bought lots of computing stuff from my local BestBuy. Here's a link to their site and a laptop that seems it might suit your brother. I assume he is bringing it back into the UK. He should be prepared for HM Customs to take an interest in it with a view to charging him tax on it. The newer it looks, the more interested they may be.

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  Iain's 12:13 15 Feb 2006

thanks for the replies:
The Laptop will only be for USA use. So will be 110v. he only travels back once a year for a week.
He mainly wants the PC to keep in contact with friends and family at home. So sending pictures e-mails etc. Might not bother with the film down load option if it will take up hugh hard drive space. My not that well up on PC's myself so cant give him my advice really.

  chub_tor 12:26 15 Feb 2006

I travel to the USA several times a year and have found that if you walk into any of the three shops below they are vry willing to help and advise. My personal favourite is Frys but they are not widely available. CompUSA are second for me and Circuit City are pretty good too. Best Buy does have good bargains but as it also sells domestic appliances and DVD's etc the staff are not always so hot on giving PC advice.
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  Iain's 12:28 15 Feb 2006

Thanks chub_tor for the info

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