Info on HD drives and memory

  Freestyler 23:26 10 Jun 2004

I require a new hard drive, is there much difference between AT100 & AT133. And between 5400 rpm and 7200rpm (on one spec the 5400 had faster seek time). Also I am confused with FSB Frequency and memory types, eg DDR PC2100, 2700 & 3200, 266,333, & 400. can I run with any of these and what difference will it make to performance. I have a Gigabyte GA-7va M/B
and a Athlon XP1800.Advice welcome, you guy's have sorted all my problems posted so far. Thanks

  johnsims 23:31 10 Jun 2004

ATA133 is faster than ATA100. Not sure that we would notice any appreciable difference though. For both you will need an 80 wire cable or the disk will transfer at lower speed.

For memory co to Crucial memory configurator at click here and enter your mobo model. You will also find info on each type of memory and the whys and wherefores of each type.

  sean-278262 23:33 10 Jun 2004

the seek time is how long the drive takes to find a particular piece of data but the more important thing is the spin as it determines how much data can be read and written to the disk and the faster the better.its most important when you use video editing or high powered games that store enormous amounts of data on the drive!FSB is front side bus and tells you how much data can go throught the card but not to knowledgeable about ram so will have to wait for anothers advice!

  powerless 23:38 10 Jun 2004

ATA 100 and 133 - Unless your transferring large files of several GB forget it. 133 if you are, but i doubt you'll see the difference.

5400 and 7200 - Go for the 7200 as it's much faster obvioulsy.

DDR PC2100, 2700 & 3200 < To do with memory speeds.

2100 - 266Mhz

2700 - 333Mhz

3200 - 400Mhz

Unless your doing memory wanting applications then 2100 will do but go for 3200 for the future oh and its the fastest of the three.

266,333, & 400 - FSB try and make it match the memory speed.

The XP1800 AMD CPU won't support a 400FSB, so a 333 tied with PC2700 and 7200 HDD you'll be fine.

  Freestyler 23:45 10 Jun 2004

Thanks for quick response everyone, At the moment I have PC3200 modules ( 2 x 256mB), at 266 FSB does that mean I am not getting the best from it and I would be better off with a lower speed

  Freestyler 23:57 10 Jun 2004

PS would I notice much speed improvement if I up grade to a XP2400 266 FSB Processor?

  sean-278262 00:04 11 Jun 2004

it depends on what you use the system for as i said gaming and video editing are intense on system resources.but if you play solitare and type a few docs you will never see it.

  sean-278262 00:08 11 Jun 2004

of course the processor will make a big difference but the FSB for most is not to important.

  Freestyler 00:31 11 Jun 2004

Many thanks every-one for good advice as usual

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