info boxes hidden by task bar (date etc.)

  six-h 19:37 27 Aug 2007

Anybody know how to correct this without having to re-boot?

  Graham. 19:49 27 Aug 2007

More info please. Do you mean the boxes of minimised windows?

  birdface 19:51 27 Aug 2007

Don't know quite what you mean.If it's quick start you want,Right click taskbar.And click quick launch

  birdface 19:52 27 Aug 2007

Should have said Taskbar and then Toolbars.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:53 27 Aug 2007

right-click a blank area of the task bar-properties-task bar and tick 'keep the task bar on top of other windows'. If already ticked, untick and tick again.


  six-h 20:05 27 Aug 2007

Sorry, further clarification: -
Occasionally, God knows why, but all the little "Tips" boxes that appear when you roll over anything in the task bar appear as if they have slipped down behind it like for instance the Date which should appear above the task bar when you run the cursor over the clock.
I've tried "Hide Task Bar" but that doesn't help, the only solution I can find is to re-boot.

  brundle 20:07 27 Aug 2007

Taskbar - Tool Tips Hidden Behind the Task Bar: FIX

Go to Start/All Programs: Hover over any program listed, right click and select Sort by Name. Repeat once more. All done!

from click here

  six-h 20:24 27 Aug 2007

My god, what a wierd thing!!
But it works!
Thanks for that.
It is something and nothing, but ever so annoying when your'e keepimg an eye on, say your wireless link quality or something.
God, that is so simple but typically quirky, as we have come to expect from Microsoft!!

  six-h 21:21 27 Aug 2007

Followed your link, but it's all uninteligible to me. I've read a lot of the "T" page and can find no related info.
It seems to be content listings for several downloads
Is there a section of the web site with such golden nuggets, explained in such succinct terms as yours, or are they all registry fix downloads?

  brundle 23:08 27 Aug 2007

You haven't looked hard enough.

  brundle 23:10 27 Aug 2007

Hit Ctrl+F in Firefox or Internet Explorer to search the page for text

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