Info about my pc needed!

  gazmix 11:16 05 Mar 2008

Hi all
I bought my pc from a local pc shop in November'07.
It has a green sticker on the side saying 'passed electric safety test', next test due 3/08. Do i need to do this?

This is my pc :-
click here

I am wanting to know how old my pc is?, how long it's life expectancy is, there abouts & are there any ways i can increase it's life expectancy? I use it each day & always keep it on standby unless it's for longer than an hour, when i'd then shutdown!

Do i need to have it serviced regularly? & how do i find out if anything within the machine is on it's way out?!

I ask these questions, as i need it each day for my job & the sh*t would hit the fan if it broke down out of the blue!



  johnnyrocker 11:30 05 Mar 2008

i believe these checks apply to dealers or businesses and as such once sold does not need to be done unless for some reason you would want your own peace of mind as they are safety checks.


  johnnyrocker 11:32 05 Mar 2008

the rest of your questions are not easily answerable and could be covered by 'how longs a piece of string';)


  keef66 11:43 05 Mar 2008

If it's critical for your job, get an external hard drive and something like Acronis True Image, and get into the habit of doing a daily backup. You never know when a pc is going to go tits-up, and they have a habit of doing it at the least convenient moment.

  wee eddie 11:56 05 Mar 2008

I am assuming that the PC was pre-owned. Then it is likely that the previous owner was a business as it is now a requirement, in Law, that each piece of electrical equipment be inspected and provided with a Sticker saying that it is safe and when the next check is due.

Run this download, it will give you almost all the information that you desire, click here, there is software that includes more information, but I find their layout too fussy for easy assessment.

  gazmix 13:46 05 Mar 2008

j/rocker, yeh your right, daft question!

keef, i need to be online most days, nothing
important i keep, just need to email & online!

wee eddie, i'll run the download a little later, does is check my pc over for issues like fans, drives etc going tits up?, do i just run it & then it's done & is it easy for a complete novice like me to use & understand?



  keef66 09:43 06 Mar 2008

Belarc will tell you what hardware and software you have on your pc, but it doesn't warn you of impending component failure.

The only things you can really do in that respect are:

In the bios, make sure SMART is enabled for the hard drive. It's a self-diagnostic thing and you should get a warning if HDD performance starts to deteriorate.

Download the hard disk checking utility from the manufacturer of your hdd. You can use this to give your HDD a more thorough check.

Download either Speedfan or MBM (Google for them); these monitor and display temperatures of various components and speeds of fans

  Technotiger 10:01 06 Mar 2008

Download and run this click here this will tell you all about your PC, including the actual date the OS was first installed.

  gazmix 00:05 07 Mar 2008

I'll have a go & report back
Technotiger, is the programme something i download & i run it & it creates a logfile or something! similar to hijackthis, & someone can check it out to see if all's ok! or is it a matter of me checking it out?

  Totally-braindead 00:13 07 Mar 2008

Theres no true complete checker for hardware failure as far as I know, you can do checks on your hard drives etc but I don't know of anything that can check everything.

  gazmix 00:19 07 Mar 2008

cheers, i'll have a look at TT's programme!

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