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  pierc113 11:59 16 Apr 2003

I don't know anything about Graphics cards but I have a few questions if somebody could answer, I have on my pc onboard sound and graphics (win98se)and I was wondering if I would be bettering myself if I got a graphics card with tv out (GForce4 MX440 TV Out 64MB DDR AGPx4) as I have dvd on my pc do i take it the tv out would connect to my tv so i could watch my dvds, I don't play games on my pc but i do like playing with pictures i take do you think this card would be ok

  MartinT-B 12:46 16 Apr 2003

Please don't buy that particular card. It's a modified Geforce 2 card that Nvidia put out as a stop gap. Get one of the nVidia series of Ti cards or a Radeon if you can.

I have a DVD player on my PC with a 19" standard CRT Hitachi Monitor. The DVD picture looks better on my PC than it does on my bedroom portable TV. I am about to get a Hauppage Nova-T TV card (supports Freeview) and will be chucking the TV.

I have a Radeon 9500 graphics card.

In short, if you have a decent sized modern monitor and a good graphics card the results will probably look better on the PC monitor is you compare it with a small protable (say 14") TV.

  The Sack 13:07 16 Apr 2003

A GeForce 4 Ti-4200 offers excellent bang per buck. If you have onboard though check you have an AGP slot first before you buy as some onboard solutions are classed as AGP but dont have the slot just the bus.

  vinnyT 13:08 16 Apr 2003

You probably have an AGP slot on your motherboard, but make sure, just in case. I mention this because of the reference to win98se and you may have an old-pre AGP mobo in your pc.

  MartinT-B 13:15 16 Apr 2003

AGP slot is usually(99.99%) the BROWN one on it's own.

PCI are white usually (sometimes yellow or green depending on MoBo maker).

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