infernal beeping!!

  andy_bell1977 12:20 09 Nov 2005

I have an Asrock K7S41 motherboard and i am getting a single beep which makes my mouse freeze for a second on screen and this is driving my crazy. Can any of you very clever people possibly tell me what is wrong and how it may be solved.

  bobbybowls 13:20 09 Nov 2005

look at click here the bios beep codes sugest a memery error try removing and reinserting the modules

  andy_bell1977 13:34 09 Nov 2005

thats is what i thought also. Do you mean the memory stick - DDR? I have already done this but i will give it another go. If it persists do you think it is corrupt or simply that i just need more??

  bobbybowls 13:40 09 Nov 2005

if you have more than one try one at a time. if you know some one that uses the same modules in there pc, try if it works on there pc.

  andy_bell1977 14:21 09 Nov 2005

i have taken it out and put it back and still beeping. I have checked the system in the control panel and it is saying that i have 449mb ram even though i have a 512mb in the slot - is this usual??

  spuds 15:46 09 Nov 2005

Regarding the difference between 449mb and 512mb depends in what you may have running in the background.

  woodchip 18:08 09 Nov 2005

Heat warning from BIOS

  woodchip 18:13 09 Nov 2005

Take the Side Of your Computer check the CPU fan is turning freely, Also try the computer side off and try it

  De Marcus™ 18:14 09 Nov 2005

The missing ram is down to a 64mb onboard graphics card and is perfectly normal. Your mobo does incorporate cpu temp and chassis temp sensors so follow woodchips advice.

  andy_bell1977 12:49 10 Nov 2005

Yeah - i thought that also. I have installed cpu temp monitor software and there does not seem to be a problem. I have taken the sides off and even gone as far as taken the fan off and clean underneath it but yet the problem still persists!!!

  woodchip 15:59 10 Nov 2005

If it's just one regular beep then it's pointing to Hardware problem. May be PSU or anything, Memory and Graphics does the Beeps in a sequence. Have you checked the BIOS for PC Health Temp

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