Infection - System Shutdown

  zoobie 01:32 08 Feb 2008

Looks like I have a classic alass.exe or related worm that's throwing the 60 second system

shutdown warning restarting only to do the same thing over. However, after reading several

old threads about this worm dating back to 2004, no definitive answer was ever given on how

to get rid of it except by reformatting the whole disk or d/ling MS's Malicious Software


Long story short, I've d/l'ed Microsoft's latest (Jan 8th, 2008) Malicious Software Remover

Windows KB890830-V1.37.exe for XP but to no avail...even shutting down system store before


Incidently, my system restore cannot restore XPP before the virus was inserted.

Is there any FREE anti-virus software that will remedy this? I had AntiVir installed but it

stopped updating back in December.


PS - I have the URL of the website I visited when the worm was inserted...what should I do

with it? Obviously, I can't post it...

  rawprawn 08:33 08 Feb 2008

A good place to put this question is
click here they have the expertise to help.

  birdface 12:44 08 Feb 2008

Can you download and try here

  €dstowe 13:38 08 Feb 2008

Long time since I've heard of this one but Stinger used to the THE thing to deal with it click here

Trouble is that I can't remember how to keep the computer going long enough for Stinger to do its job.

  VoG II 13:42 08 Feb 2008

Start, Run, type

shutdown -a

and click OK. That should prevent it from shutting down.

  mfletch 13:48 08 Feb 2008


You can submit you Virus here,{or the link}

click here

Also download this and run it.

Dr Web CureIt/ click here


  €dstowe 13:50 08 Feb 2008

Thanks VoG™ - that's the way!!!

I should be able to remember it the number of times I've used it.

  zoobie 21:08 08 Feb 2008

I don't know what virus it is but it may be new enough to fly under the radar.
Anyway, my results are as follows:

eset online scan = broken
stinger = found nothing
dr web cureit = 2 broken downloads corrupt program, unusable

may try a XPP repair again but this time with the system restore off
may have to reformat

btw, do you think its possible for a video to contain worms/viruses?
seems I was d/ling a video when the computer restarted...not a good sign


  p;3 21:39 08 Feb 2008

'btw, do you think its possible for a video to contain worms/viruses?
seems I was d/ling a video when the computer restarted' yes it is
try running free version of
click here
a-squared Free 3.1

click here

fully update, reboot and run on full deep scans

however, the malaware forum as linked above would be a good place to register to get fully checked out

  VoG II 21:57 08 Feb 2008

Of course it is possible that this isn't an infection at all but a problem with Windows - especially if Stinger didn't find anything.

I would try a repair click here

  zoobie 02:31 09 Feb 2008

superanitspyware = wasn't able to install
emsisoft = updated deep scan didn't find anything

I tried a XPP repair to no avail

looks like I'm going to reformat

at least I've some new anti-virus programs


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