560 22:45 26 Feb 2009

A friend of mine's computer is reported as being infected with something called Rogue Antispyware a360. Nortons reports it and supposidly clears it but every time the PC is restarted its back again.
Can anyone tell me what it is and how to remove it permanently. He is running XP.
Thanks 560.

  hiwatt 22:50 26 Feb 2009

Download and run this(free version)click here

  hiwatt 22:56 26 Feb 2009

It's a false antispyware program.It's malicious software that tricks you into thinking you are infected by displaying numerous pop ups and the like to try and get you to pay to remove it.Don't ever pay or click OK for it to "remove" the "problems" Hopefully malwarebytes will remove it.Also go to start/run and type msconfig.Untick the box for this entry to stop it from trying to start at boot up.

  560 11:40 28 Feb 2009

Thanks hiwatt, unfortunately malwarebytes hasen't been able to remove it. We are trying various other methods after 'Googling' it. Thanks for the tip about msconfig should have know that - getting on a bit - will let you know if we are successful.

  scubaseven 13:13 28 Feb 2009

have you tried avast, avira and superantispyware?
all free.
or even AVG free I found was better than norton.

  560 22:35 28 Feb 2009

Thanks both for your help. My friend called in a local wiz kid who found two nasty beasts and after a long session finally cleaned up the PC. Only cost a drink! He does it for fun, clever young so and so.
Thanks again.

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