Infected with Win32:LdPinch-BWZ [Trj]

  SB23 18:38 07 Feb 2008

Good evening all.

Avast has been flaging up warnings with regards to this trojan, and has placed it in the chest, (or so I thought).
About an hour ago, it flagged up again, but now says that the file is in use, and therefore cannot do anything.
I've googled but the only sites that I seem to be able to find are all in French, and as I'm not French I'm in the boat without the paddle so to speak, lol!
I've run A-Squared, which I thought may help, but it comes up clean. I've run a few others but with the same result.

Does anyone have any ideas where this nasty is hiding, and how to get rid.



  brundle 18:43 07 Feb 2008

Run a boot scan; click here

  mfletch 18:53 07 Feb 2008


Have you opened a suspect Email?


  RLMTS 18:58 07 Feb 2008

I just googled as you did, and google gave me option to translate the web page, and it did it quite well.
May be worth a look?

I think this link does the translatio for you...

click here

  SB23 19:09 07 Feb 2008


No, I can honestly say that nothing suspect has been opened.


Thanks for that, my search page didn't. I'll have a read and run a bootscan with Avast. (Good idea brundle).

Back soon


  mfletch 19:19 07 Feb 2008


LdPinch-!!! = This family of Trojans steals user passwords.

Download SAS Superantispyware and do a full scan in safe mode,

SAS/Free version/ click here


  SB23 21:34 07 Feb 2008

It would appear after all my scanning, that Avast has now got both instances of this nasty in its virus chest.
They were both located in temp files, but am I now correct in saying that if Avast has them, they can not do any damage?

All the scans that I've now done, (Superantispyware, bot, bootscan with Avast etc), are all now showing clean.

Is that really all I have to do, and would it be a good idea to clear all my restore points, apart from the last one?


  brundle 21:37 07 Feb 2008

They're quarantined, empty the virus chest and forget about them.

  SB23 21:53 07 Feb 2008

Thanks for that, and to all who answered.

Looks like Avast has saved me again, but I'll delete them and as you say "forget about them".

Thanks to all, I'm sorted!


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