Infected Folder won't delete!!!!!!!

  neil_raj 18:49 27 Apr 2007

Hi all.

A folder that I created in "Program Files" to download stuff into has been infected.... When I run a virus scan through it, either full scan or just to that folder; the scan stops mid-way and will progress no further.....

I cannot right click the folder to "delete".... when I do this the "not responding" box appears, I end task and the PC refreshes itself.....

I cannot open "add/remove programs" from Control Panel.....

EVEN taking the mouse over the folder WITHOUT clicking it makes the PC refresh the desktop....

Limewire where I get stuff from to direct into this folder will NOT open either.....

How do I delete this infected folder.....

Any ideas would be helpful..... ta very muchly.

  Jack Hackett 19:09 27 Apr 2007

Have you tried doing it from Safe Mode?

Could also try MoveOnBoot click here

  neil_raj 19:12 27 Apr 2007

Yea tried safe mode..... does the same as described..... I've just looked at move On Boot..... will try that.... thanks.

  ianeon 19:15 27 Apr 2007

click here - This will delete your folder - Its a brilliant free programme.

  p;3 20:14 27 Apr 2007

what protection do you have there and what scans have you run?

and if you are doing p2p stuff with limewire one presumes you ARE scanning the stuff you take on board and that it is all legal?

  birdface 08:16 28 Apr 2007

Can you open the folder ,Then delete all items one by one.

  FatboySlim71 08:29 28 Apr 2007

I use unlocker click here
this is an excellent little program.

This sometimes works for me as well, if you drag the mentioned folder to your desktop from its present location, then try to right click and delete. As I have mentioned this sometimes works for me if I am getting the 'file/folder cannot be deleted blah blah blah' it may work in your situation.

  wee eddie 08:30 28 Apr 2007

Sometimes when you are trying to get rid of infections. Disabling System Restore is recommended as it sets the Virus in aspic,as it were.

  Stuartli 08:43 28 Apr 2007

Also see:

click here

Just released.

  p;3 09:02 28 Apr 2007

thnking around this,as the folder has been created in 'program files'instead of a separate folder in 'my documents ' for all downlads ( I have all my download exe's in a folder in 'my documents'); I am wondering if this program files folder is behaving differenrtly from normal

strictly speaking it is NOT a program folder and will not be in add/remove programs

what is the infection it has found

and have you yet managed to run

click here

click here

click here

click here

and an on line scan from trend

click here
try those; also one might hope this will be a warning about using this p2p stuff

much of it may not be what it seems to be::((

  neil_raj 21:40 28 Apr 2007

Just got home from work..... sorry not to reply to previous threads.....

The story so far.....

Downloads etc I redirect into a folder that I have created within "Program Files", some THING has entered this folder and everytime I run a virus check/malware check/anti-spam check each of these processes STOP when the scan reaches this folder...... the system freezes and returns to the desktop.....

Cheers Jack Hackett... but safe mode doesn't work.

Cheers ianeon/FatboySlim71... Unblocker now appears on the right-click menu.... but as I said previously.... when I take the mouse pointer over this folder WITHOUT clicking..... the system returns to the desktop.

Cheers Stuartli... but Pocket KillBill has no effect either.

and finally thanks p;3..... but I have run/got all the programs you recommended... nothing works.

JUST TO RE-CAP....... I have a folder that I have created and I direct downloads into this folder..... Some nasty mother do da has infected it..... now it won't delete, no re-boot program can get rid of it.... when I point the mouse pointer near it.. the "end now" error box pops up... and the system refreshes itselfs back to the desktop...... All scans I've done with many programs.... virus/spam/malware etc STOP and FREEZE when the scan hits this folder....

Add/Remove Programs WILL NOT open.

Apart from that everything works as normal..... the NET etc...... Just that I can't delete this infected folder.....

Any more ideas would be greatful.

Regards..... Desperately Infected Neil.

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