Inexplicable shutting down

  Bailey08787 10:27 22 Jun 2005

About a week ago, for no particular reason, my pc just turned it self off. Nothing was going on that was graphically intensive, so I was a bit surprised.

Over the course of the week, from booting up, it lasts about a few minutes before either locking up, or turning off.

I first thought this must be related to the current heat.

But I've run several temperature checks, and all is operating within normal temp conditions.

I thought it may be the gpu overheating - but would that cause the machine to shut down? I thought it would just freeze it?

Can anyone suggest a way of determining the problem that doesn't involve swapping various bits of kit round till i find the culprit (because I have no spare kit, and nobody who can lend me any)

  Indigo 1 12:02 22 Jun 2005

As you probably already know it could be caused by any number of things including heat.

I would take off the side (the hot weather can be causing problems) and use a desk fan to blow air into the PC, if this helps then heat is the cause, check the fan on your GPU is working and all other fans too.

If it does not help then a System Restore would be worth a try (if your O/S supports System Restore) as it might be software related.

If S R doesn't help then I would use Device Manager to check for conflicts, look for yellow exclamation marks or question marks.

It could also be a Virus or too much Spyware, only scanning with updated apps will identify it.

Other possibilties are faulty PSU (substitution is the best way to identify it) or a loose or dirty connection, take connectors apart and push firmly back together (with the PC off).

Does your PC make any unusual noises ?

Do you have any warning signs ?

Do you have all the latest updates ?

One other thing which I have just read about is faulty components on the motherboard, click here and click here

A little more info would be helpful, which O/S, which updates, do you update automatically/regularly, have you made any changes recently to hardware or software, what is your hardware configuration and temp readings ??


  Bailey08787 12:31 29 Jun 2005


well, i can no longer even boot. the power comes on and fans start spinning, but nothing comes on the monitor, nor any red light from my usb mouse.

does this indicate a faulty gpu?

or does it look like the motherboards knacked? (it shouldn't be, its quite recent).

I have a:

P4 2.8ghz
Gigabyte GI 8I875 motherboard
1gb ddram
Leadtek GeForce 4 Ti 4400 graphics card
Audigy Sound card


  Micro-Man 13:12 29 Jun 2005

Look at click here and follow the links. At work, we've just had a pc fail violently on Monday, where all the capacitors had a dried crust on them and one had exploded. Capacitor brand was "Choyo" for anyone interested.

  Bailey08787 12:12 30 Jun 2005

well, I checked my capacitors and all looks fine - no apparent leakage from any of them. so i'm pretty stumped.

Is my only/best option to buy another graphics card, pop that in and try that?

Or do the signs point towards a dead motherboard? (the little orange light on the motherboard comes on, if that indicates anything) (and the fan on the northbridge runs).

Or could it be that CPU has died? (which would surprise me as I don't overclock at all).

Is there anyway of discovering what the problem is without forking out for new components / professional help?

(unfortunately i don'r have any peeps with components i can borrow)

  Micro-Man 13:11 30 Jun 2005

Have there been any POST, (power on self test) beeps from your pc? If nothing at all, even when pc was ok, then check you have an internal speaker to give the beeps. How many beeps if any?

  Bailey08787 15:51 30 Jun 2005

no beeps - i use an external soundcard, but as far as i know i don't believe the beeps rely on a soundcard - i think i'll try fiddling with the memory or something.

this is a bit of a nightmare - i'm usually okay at sussing pc probs out, but this could be any of the components

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:07 30 Jun 2005

Motherboard powered fans running nothing on monitor suggests

1. No power to monitor (led lit?) fuse? cable secure

2. monitor to PC cable secure at both ends?

3. graphics card u/s try remove refit may have worked loose

4. memmory as graphics card try one stick at a time if you have more than one stick.

5. CPU u/s

6. motherboard u/s

6+7 hard to try without swapping parts.

  Bailey08787 11:05 04 Jul 2005

I've investigated further, but still no joy.

I've tried monitor on friends pc, and it works fine - so I can rule out the monitor.

I bought a cheapy agp card on the weekend and tried that - but still nothing - so i'm confident the graphics card is not the problem.

I took the pc apart, gave everything a thorough clean - replaced the thermal paste on the processor - checked the pins, etc - all looked fine.

Tried the memory in different combos.

Set up different rigs (ie, different hard drives attached etc)

still nothing - the fans come on the motherboard - which indicated the psu is still pumping out power - right?

so i'm thinking at the moment the cpu must have died. I haven't been keeping up with the latest developments in the cpu world - what's a decent p4 cpu at the moment? a 3.2? and which is better between prescott and northwood? and where can i find it cheapest?

hereis my mobo in case anyone's interested click here


  Bailey08787 14:53 04 Jul 2005


  PsiFox 15:03 04 Jul 2005

Likely to be motherboard or PSU. Swap psu if poss and advise. If you use a lower rated psu nly connect to board and hdd.

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