Inexpensive replacement for 16 mb graphics card

  sierra 12:22 12 May 2003

my p3 450 pc with 384 ram runs xp ok but i do a lot of digital photography and my present 16mb graphics card could be the reason my system slows up when i am printing and trying to manipulate the next photo at the same time.Any suggestions on an inexpensive card that may help. i dont use the pc for games.

your pc probably slows up because of the half-speed off-die L2 cache, improving your graphics card probably wont do much to help in this particular instance but it wont cost too much to improve it which wouldnt be a bad idea, first you should accertain whether your card sits in an agp slot or a PCI slot. then if you go to click here
and filter those results you will find something in your price range.
keep in mind that you cannot put every agp card in every agp slot, if you need more advice post your motherboard details as well,
happy shopping H.

  Cathode 13:15 12 May 2003

I noticed Scan click here are doing a 64Mb ATI 7000 SDR with TV Out for £24.00 + Vat.

  Sion 14:37 12 May 2003

Well, there is a Geforce MX440 click here for under £45, that include P&P as well.

I think your system should have an AGP slot. Take a look inside, and if there is a slot next to your PCI slots (the whitey ones) that is SLIGHTLY smaller and brown, thats your AGP slot.

  sierra 15:25 12 May 2003

thanks everyone.i've had a look inside and found out the AGP slot and now know what to order.

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