Indexing / DB issues after image clone/restore

  Austinhead 22:19 24 Mar 2011

I have a customers Vista PC and have bought a new HD for it, i've tried using 3 different cloning/backup and restore packages and each one has resulted in exactly the same problem.

The new hard drive boots up fine, logs in fine then a Windows mail error occurs saying that the DB files have been moved and cannot be found. Another issue is that the indexing service is not turned on and will not turn on. I have tried creating 3 different images with 3 different software packages and the end result is exactly the same each time. (needless to say Windows mail and Indexing were both fine on the old HD)

It's a Toshiba laptop which had a toshiba drive and is now using a western digital drive.

I tried the sfc /scannow option. I've also double checked for any malware. I tried turning indexing off prior to the backup and that didn't make any difference either.

This is truly driving me INSANE and i've had it for a week now (each backup and restore takes a day !!).
If anyone can shed any light on this, or say if they have had the same issue I would be very very grateful.


BTW I know that the indexing service is not essential, and in some cases it's advisable to turn it off anyway. The customer doesn't use Windows Mail either, BUT, I don't like the idea of giving him his computer back when it's not running the same as the old HD

  Austinhead 06:58 25 Mar 2011

I have checked event logs and there is no mention of any permission problems. Also tried to copy the mail files from the old HD onto the new HD and this didn't resolve that issue.

It's the Windows Search service which is failing to start that's causing the indexing to fail.

Thanks for your reply.

  mooly 07:46 25 Mar 2011

No experience of this but I'm puzzled when you say it takes a day. What 3 programs have you tried ?

I know when you restore a disk image, restore points etc are not available. This is because although the image is bit for bit perfect, when restored it can occupy slightly different sectors. Same for incremental backups. The restored image can not be continued to be used in a backup sequence (well it can but the next image is as big as a full because although nothing has changed, it's all "in a different place"

Could it be anything to do with that ?

Have you tried Acronis ?
Why not put this question to the guys on the Acronis forum and ask if you used Acronis would it work as expected or give this error ?

  Austinhead 09:23 25 Mar 2011

When I say a day, it takes around 3 hours to make the backup and probably another 2 to restore it. I guess I could do 2 in a day but I normally have to leave it running whilst i'm at work.

I didn't try Acronis. I tried redo backup, Paragon backup and restore and another one from the Ultimate Boot Up CD. The latter 2 were run outside of windows for both the backup and restore.

What puzzles me is that there is very little on the internet regarding this issue (or at least that I can find), if it was a common issue I would expect there to be more evidence of it.

I could try Acronis, but am considering giving it back to the customer, explaining the issues and letting him use it for a bit to see how he gets on. There is a good chance he won't notice any difference at all !

  Peter 09:29 25 Mar 2011


Have you tried using the CLONE option in the backup programme instead of taking an IMAGE of the original drive? Could be an alternative method to try?


  Austinhead 09:32 25 Mar 2011

Thanks for your replies.

I did want to try the clone option, but my hard disk caddy has broken (typical) and since it's a laptop I don't have another method for having both HD connected at the same time.

  Peter 09:35 25 Mar 2011


Caddies are available quite cheaply (about £10) on Amazon. Check that you get the correct type, IDE or SATA, for the drive you are fitting.


  robin_x 10:14 25 Mar 2011

Try sector by sector image creation?

EASEUS Todo, Macrium Reflect and Paragon B&R all offer this (see Advanced options when setting up the backup). Macrium also refers to it as 'Clone'

Dunno about Acronis, but I guess it has same.

Run chkdsk /f /r first? (another 2 hours)
I sometimes get unrelated errors on my old desktop when making images. I suspect the disk is on it's way out.
chkdsk seems to fix things enough to make an image, until some weeks later.
PC runs normally, but I don't use it much so not replacing HDD yet.

  mooly 11:43 25 Mar 2011

I put the free version of Paragon on a friends laptop but gave up on it... far far to slow. I wondered if that was one of programs you tried.

Acronis is the "gold standard" really.

  Austinhead 21:48 25 Mar 2011

Yeah, I think i'll get a copy of Acronis for future use. For now the customer has his laptop back, with no indexing, but seems happy enough. I think he appreciated the endless hours I spent on it and only charging him for 1 lol.

Thanks for your help, wish I could have found a solution.

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