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  steve263000 09:54 02 Feb 2006

I urgently need help as I have managed mess up my index page. While playing with Adobe Photoshop I used the 'create a web photo album' feature. This was brilliant, but it was only a experiment. What I did not realise was that it automatically made itself the index page, therefore ruining the one I have.

I want to create a completely new page now, but when I try to delete the indea page, I therefor must delete the rest of the site as it is attached to it through the navigation menu.

What I want is to detach the index from the main site, then delete it and create a new page to attach the site to. Is that possible? My on line site is fine for now, but I can alter nothing until this is sorted.

Help please!

  Forum Editor 10:25 02 Feb 2006

The rest of your site isn't 'attached' to the index page, you can delete it, although the site will not work until you have a new page called index.htm (or .html).

The simplest wat around the problem is just to create your new page and then upload it - you'll be asked if you want to overwrite the existing page.

Without knowing a bit more about the software you're using I can't be more helpful. The problem with simply uploading a new index page is that the navigation links may not work - it all depends on how you've created the page. Post back with more information.

  steve263000 10:31 02 Feb 2006

Thank you F.E. for the quick answer. I am usuing FP2003. I had a quick look at the help menu, which is what I should have done before posting, and a section there told me that I could right click any page and set it as the home page. So I created a page named 'index2.htm' right clicked to set it as the home page, and it was done.

Though this is still a warning for those that might like to play with Adobe photoshop. The 'create a web photo gallery' is very good and very easy, but it then makes itself your homepage. I guess the only thing to do if you want to use it is create a 'index2' and then reset it as the homepage if you are using FP.

Sorry that was off the subject a bit...

  Forum Editor 11:00 02 Feb 2006

FP 2003 is ideal, in that it automatically updates all the hyperlinks when you set a new page as the index.

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