Incredimail Tray Icon

  numskull 10:42 06 Sep 2007

My Incredimail tray icon seems to only load on the odd occasion at startup. I have checked that it is ticked in msconfig. I use C Cleaner and ad awareSE.
Anyone have any ideas?

  numskull 13:00 29 Sep 2007

If I end explorer.exe in task manager then select new task and type in explorer.exe the Incredimail try icon appears immediately. However it fails to load at next start up.

  birdface 15:01 29 Sep 2007

Try,Right click Taskbar.Properties.Customize. Click on Incredimail.and on the little dropdown bar click always show.Ok Apply Ok.See if that helps.

  Technotiger 15:06 29 Sep 2007

The Incredimail sytem tray icon is not really meant to show on start-up. However, as soon as you check for emails it will then show and remain showing unless you intentionally hide it.

  numskull 16:19 29 Sep 2007

It used to display at start up. Even after opening Incredimail the tray icon does not show.

The icon is not present to be able to do that.
I have tried your suggestion after getting the icon to show but it disappears again.

  Technotiger 16:32 29 Sep 2007

Then I advise you to download/install the latest version of Incredimail, this might sort it for you.

  birdface 16:43 29 Sep 2007

Is there anything showing on your quick start.If not go to where I sent you before.And any one in the first three showing.Click one and in the dropdown bar have always hide.Ok.Apply.Ok and see if that helps.

  numskull 17:12 29 Sep 2007

I do have the latest version.
Don't normally have quick start showing but yes the Incredimail icon is there.

  numskull 09:08 30 Sep 2007

Just tried uninstalling Incredimail using CCleaner then reinstalling. Icon did appear but disappeared on restarting the computer!

  birdface 09:24 30 Sep 2007

You do not need to have Incredimail on your start up in msconfig.It just makes your computer take a little longer to start.As long as you have it set to check for incoming mail every 5-10-or 15 minutes thats all that you need.My Icon does not show on quick start but when my Notifier appears I know that I have new mail.

  birdface 09:28 30 Sep 2007

If you open Incredimail after you start your computer and then close it,your icon should stay on quick start for the remaining time that you have your computer switched on.

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