incredimail problem

  gidster 16:23 15 Mar 2005

hi , every time i try to delete an email before ive opened it incredimail freezez and i have to use alt + ctrl + del to get off it . its not every email . its doing my head in .

  Technotiger 16:33 15 Mar 2005

Hi, I would suggest that you re-download and install Incredimail, it will over-ride the version you have now (I assume you have the Free Version), you will then have the latest version and it should also cure the problem. click here


  gidster 16:46 15 Mar 2005

im trying what you said but it says fatel error and dosent do it my version is xe

  Technotiger 16:54 15 Mar 2005

What OS are you using? and do you have problems with any other programs/hardware?

  gidster 16:57 15 Mar 2005

ive downloaded the files from incredimail to overwrite my existing one but when i try to run it , it says unable to download installation script. make sure that you are connected to the internet and try again later. ive tryed a few times now , i dont get it ive got broadband so im always connected

thanks anyway.

  gidster 16:58 15 Mar 2005

whats a os , ive got no problems anywhere else

  Technotiger 16:59 15 Mar 2005

Me again - are you sure that your problem is with Incredimail? What OS are you using, if XP, then perhaps a System Restore is needed.

  gidster 17:00 15 Mar 2005

im using xp

  Technotiger 17:01 15 Mar 2005

OS is either Win98, WinME, 2000 or XP. OS stands for Operating System.

  Technotiger 17:02 15 Mar 2005

OK, then I would suggest you do a System Restore and then try again with Incredimail.

  Technotiger 17:10 15 Mar 2005

To do a System Restore - go to Start>All Programs>Accessories>SystemTools>SystemRestore, then Restore My Computer to an earlier time. Make sure that you pick a date that is in Bold print, go back to a date when you know your system and incredimail were working ok.

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