Incredimail Problem

  mikesman 17:28 05 Jun 2004

Hi, I have used both OE and Incredimail for some time now. Several days ago I downloaded the latest version of Incredimail and installed it - no problem there. However, when I try to send and/or receive now, I get the following message (Before I had no problem): The connection was rejected by outgoing mailserver Please try again later. If this problem persists consult your ISP. I get a similar message when attempting to receive mails.

I cannot rectify it and Icredimail's tech support sucks - they just don't reply. Outlook Express still functions normally without any problem with the same account / servers details.

Anybody have any ideas? Incredimail was working fine on the earlier version which I had.


  Lionheart ? 17:57 05 Jun 2004

Do you have ZoneAlarm installed, I had this problem, found out it it was ZA blocking emails.

  mikesman 18:53 05 Jun 2004

No, I don't have Zone Alarm installed.

  mikesman 18:55 05 Jun 2004

What puzzles me is that with the same account/server settings, Outlook Express does the job no problem, so the settings are not the problem, and the previous Incredimail version OK too with these settings.

  Old Shep 19:03 05 Jun 2004

I know it does not solve your problem but did you know you can get an incredimail add-on for Outlook. I prefer this as my AV works on Outlook but not on Incredimail.

  mikesman 19:26 05 Jun 2004

No I didn't - where did you get it?

  woofwoofbark 19:30 05 Jun 2004

I had Nortons Firewall installed and it wouldnt let me use incredimail no matter how i tried to configure things so I deleted nortons (it was affecting other programs too) and now I use Zone Alarm and have no probs !!!! ****phew****

  Old Shep 19:31 05 Jun 2004

Will reply wwhen I find you a link brb

  Old Shep 19:35 05 Jun 2004

This should get you there click here works just the same as Incredimail and you can download all the latest sounds /animations/emoticons etc as you normally do.

  mikesman 19:46 05 Jun 2004

Cheers Shep - I'll give that a try!

I'm a bit annoyed at myself for deciding this morning to buy Incredimail Premium just so that I might get a bit faster tech support - the registration for that still hasn't even come through yet.

  Old Shep 19:53 05 Jun 2004

I have had Incredimail for a long long time now and the thing that put me off buying it was their apparant uninterest in support. It's a shame because it is a very good program. Don't know if you know but if you copy (in my case) C-Program Files-Incredimail-Data - if your computer ever crashes you can just copy it back instead of downloading it all again.Regards.

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