Incredimail (paid for version)

  nick_j007 22:52 16 Apr 2007

Hi all,

My Incredimail is stressing me out at the moment. It is closing frequently, it is not able to download a small number of legit. emails from the server when I use advanced account access.

I am inclined to reinstall it, but am concerned about all my folders and the messages. Any ideas for this?

The PC is clean otherwise.

Your thoughts are welcome


  Kate B 00:09 17 Apr 2007

Incredimail is the work of the devil. Do your PC and all your contacts a favour and uninstall it and use a client that doesn't turn your email into eye-bleeding horrors.

If you insist on continuing to use it, though, back up your data, and here Google is your friend: I found this page click here in about two seconds flat. And then uninstall and reinstall.

  birdface 00:28 17 Apr 2007

Unfortunately Kate B is a very clever woman,But obviously cant stand Incredimail.She is obviously disgusted with it as you can tell with her comments.Not just in this thread but in most threads concerning Incredimail.If she will only tell us why she does not like it, Then maybe we can agree with her,I use it all the time, the unpaid version of course,Its got to be better than Outlook +Outlook Express,So Come on Kate why the expresion,Work of the devil every time you mention it.We use it and if there is any reason why we should not,Let us know,

  birdface 00:38 17 Apr 2007

Sorry about that nick ,I use the unpaid version and have no problems with it.Maybe it needs updating,Are you using Norton or Zone Alarm there have been problems with them recently.If you have any of those two it may be worthwhile deleting them and reinstalling them.If not run your Anti-Virus and Spyware Programs just in case you have a nastie on board.

  birdface 00:45 17 Apr 2007

If you uninstall it.Then reinstall it you should not loose any of your folders or any messages,If you use C Cleaner or anything like that I am not sure.Unfortunately Incredimail is worse than Norton trying to get rid of it completely.At least Norton has a removal tool. Incredimail I dont know.

  Technotiger 07:24 17 Apr 2007

Hi, don't take any notice of KateB's comment - I have used Incredimail for years, it it Grrreat - I have the Gold version. All my contacts also use Incredimail and all are very happy with it. You can re-install the latest version on-line, you do not have to un-install it to do so. You will not lose any of your folders or messages.

buteman - KateB works for the Guardian ... :-))) no further comment!

  Technotiger 07:37 17 Apr 2007

I would suspect that something else in your system is perhaps clashing with Incredimail - I would advise you to make a clean-sweep of your PC. Make sure everything you have is up-to-date, do a full defrag - iObit, IMHO, is best for this click here , do a Desktop cleanup - right-click on desktop, hover over Arrange icons by and then click on Disk Cleanup Wizard. In IE Tools>Internet Options>delete cookies and files. Empty your Recycle bin. Run CCleaner click here

I can honestly say, that other than in the very early days of Incredimail (I was a Beta tester) when a few gliches needed sorting, I have never had any problems with Incredimail. My friends have never mentioned any problems either, so I am assuming that they are using it happily, same as myself.

I know that a minority cannot get on with Incredimail, but again IMHO that is their loss.
I prefer to Smile a Lot ... :-))

  birdface 08:52 17 Apr 2007

Hi,You could just try a repair,Go into add remove click on Incredimail,Click on change remove,And you will get the option of repairing it or deleting it.

  Kate B 10:10 17 Apr 2007

I did also post a link on how to back up Incredimail - please read posts properly before launching into attacks.

  Kate B 10:20 17 Apr 2007

I'm just looking at the Incredimail T&Cs and as far as I can see it's low-level spyware.

"IncrediMail currently contracts with several online partners to help manage and optimize its Internet business and communications. IncrediMail uses the services of a marketing company to help it measure the effectiveness of its advertising and how visitors use this Site. To do this, IncrediMail uses Web beacons and cookies provided by IncrediMail's marketing company on the Site. The type of information IncrediMail collects includes the pages visited, the product codes and prices that visitors purchase and coupons that were used during purchase. By supplementing IncrediMail's records, this information helps IncrediMail learn things like what pages are most attractive to visitors of the Site, which of IncrediMail's products most interest its customers, and what kinds of offers our customers like to see. Although IncrediMail's marketing company manages the information coming from the Site on behalf of IncrediMail, IncrediMail controls how that data may and may not be used.

" IncrediMail may collect IP addresses to:
Facilitate system administration;
Diagnose system problems;
Report aggregate User information; and
Avoid hacking attacks on the IncrediMail server

"The Software, Service and Site contain features that may link you to third parties' web sites ("Linked Sites").

IncrediMail may gather information related generally to Users' use of the Software, Service, and Site including without limitation:

The number of Messages that a User sends;
The number of Messages that are read;
What elements of the Service are most often used;
User log-in dates and time; and Message size data."

Not something I want on my machine! But I hope you get it fixed; and that you continue to enjoy it.

  Kate B 11:32 17 Apr 2007

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