Incredimail help and advice please

  golfpro 09:45 05 Jun 2003

After hearing and reading a lot about Incredimail I am thinking about downloading and using this program. Currently I have two Email providers Yahoo, which I use all the time, and one from my internet service provider the local cable company. I also use Mailwasher to vet my incoming mail, I also use Outlook Express to collect the mail from both Yahoo and the cable address, I would like to integrate Incredimail into this System to receive mail from all three sources in the beginning. My question is, will I have problems doing the above, and will it be easy, also can I still use Mailwasher, although this is not a major factor. And if you use Incredimail, what do you think of it????

  Wak 10:18 05 Jun 2003

Hi, I use both Outlook Express and Incredimail and never have any problems but one point I would make is this:-
After you have used Incredimail, NEVER leave the icon on the task bar near the clock otherwise it is still active and will take over all the incoming mail.

  MartinT-B 10:28 05 Jun 2003

My instinct is yes you can, but you'll need to set one of your mail programs as the default. However, I'm not 100%s sure whether Incredimail can DL webmail from Yahoo - I'll have to check, but you can using here

Once you have Dled your mail to one program, say incredimail, you won't be able to transfer it to Outlook, having said that, I think you can set up IM to 'leave a copy of the mail on the server'click here

Having said that, Incredimail can read outlook (.eml) files.

Here's the general FAQ for IM click here

  MartinT-B 10:30 05 Jun 2003


With Incredimail Mailwasher is redundant as IM lets you delete from server under Advanced Account Access settings

click here

  golfpro 10:55 05 Jun 2003

Ok, but how do I set up Outlook Express to recieve mail from I/M,and the other two, do I go to tools>accounts>mail and then add the I/M pop address like I did with the other two accounts, if so what would be the I/M pop address.

  golfpro 11:10 05 Jun 2003

Another question, would it be better just to use Incredimail as a stand alone and forget integrating it into Outlook Express I don't have very many private addresses for the address book. and I could easily notify everybody of my change.

  DieSse 11:16 05 Jun 2003

"but how do I set up Outlook Express to recieve mail from I/M"

Don't quite understand - they both do the same job - you use one or the other, you don't integrate them.

  DieSse 11:18 05 Jun 2003

PS - your email address does not change, nothing changes as far as the outside world is concerned - you just use IM instead of OE.

  -pops- 11:21 05 Jun 2003

Somewhere on these pages are reports of people having bigtime problems with Incredimail. It may be useful to have a search for these before you commit yourself.

  golfpro 11:33 05 Jun 2003

DieSse, sorry I was under the impression that IM was just another Email program like yahoo, hotmail etc.

  DieSse 11:35 05 Jun 2003

No, it's just another email client, like Outlook Express.

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