Incredimail Don't bother to contact.

  Giantsquid 22:22 10 Feb 2004

Frusrating problem this, my Incredimail will not download any new content from their website, all I get is an error box that states 'content is corrupt please empty your temporary internet files and try again' this is a waste of time as this does not cure the problem.
Having contacted Inredimail help on 2 occasions stating the problem with no reply I am sure reluctant to purchase the upgrade to the letter creator and premium pack (something I would have liked to do and don't mind buying)
How are you to place any trust in these people that refuse to get back to you if you have a problem ? ok it is the free version I use but you would think that they would at least reply with some advice.

  Giantsquid 22:27 11 Feb 2004


  keenan 22:45 11 Feb 2004

can you download any of these?

click here

  mole44 22:50 11 Feb 2004

i tried the program running XP,it mmmm,how can i say something you tread in on a path.i wasted my time trying it

  Giantsquid 22:55 11 Feb 2004

No, just does nothing also changes my cursor to a double arrow ???

  Giantsquid 22:58 11 Feb 2004

Just sent another mail to them and gave them a real blasting, waste of bloody time.........

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