rins36 20:06 12 Mar 2003

Does anyone else have this? I cant read the messages as it kicks me out when I click on a message.

  AMD 4 ever 20:09 12 Mar 2003

Nope been using increimail for ages, only problem is the soun intermittent now n then, but me thinks that's my onboard creative chip!

Perhaps do a uninstall, then disable all Anti-viruses/firewalls and any other spyware removers aswell like adaware/spybot and re-install again.

  rins36 20:27 12 Mar 2003

If I uninstall & reinstall all e-mails are lost & there are e-mails that i need/want to keep.

Cant understand why it wants to send a message to Microsoft via an error report

  AMD 4 ever 20:30 12 Mar 2003

thats XP not incrediamil. that is there diagnostics supposedly!
Send it to see if it will link to a common problem!
Just export the email address files to a folder, then import them again...bobs your uncle!

  Portly 20:36 12 Mar 2003

I use incredimail every day. Never had any problems.

  rins36 21:20 12 Mar 2003

AMD 4 ever

This may sound daft but how do I export then import

  AMD 4 ever 22:40 12 Mar 2003

Then to import do the reverse. File>Import> from te location you dnmped them. If you right click on the Inbox folder it tells you the path where all the inbox emails are too, so you can copy then to floppy if need be.

  spuds 22:52 12 Mar 2003

I have been using Incredimail for quite some time now.Never had any problems, but a friend had it on their machine, and they had a number of problems. Never did find why two people using the same programme, should have had different results.

  Portly 19:51 13 Mar 2003

rins36, since responding to your thread, I have received a message of apology, allegedly from BT, concerning poor quality of service. If I try to open this E mail, incredimail closes down.
After I delete it, checking for new messages produces the same message with the same date and time. Once again trying to open it results in incredimail closing. All other messages are Ok.
Colecting E-mail with Outlook Express produces no message.
Have we colected a new virus, me wonders.

  rins36 20:47 13 Mar 2003


I cant even delete the e-mail from BT, but other e-mails can be read & deleted. Would contacting BT re this help!

  Portly 16:14 14 Mar 2003

Sorry for the delay, but I have not been logged on.
In folders area, I have created a " Saved E Mails" folder.
Drag or copy all the existing messages that you want to keep, to this folder, then click back to the In Box.
Using the edit menu, Select All, and all the messages should highlight. Click on the delete icon on the toolbar, and all the messages in your in box will be deleted, including the one you can't open.
Since my last message to you, I realised that I have had a message from BT, to each of my addresses, so I assume that they are genuine.
Stick with it if you can. I have the option of Outlook, Outlook Express, and Incredimail, which is the one that I think is best, and the version I use is free.
The facilities that it has, such as previewing mail on the server, telling you that mail has arrived whilst you are doing something else, etc are great.
Good luck on clearing the problem.

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