loopyloo 18:44 13 Aug 2008

I have transferred from outlook express to incredimail it has transferred everything across all my own email accounts. I have about three ie: personal, work, etc. The problem I have is when I come to write an email I can't select which email address I want to use. It will automatically use the default one. Is there anyway I can select which email address to use as you can in outlook.

  Technotiger 18:59 13 Aug 2008

Hi, the only way I can think of, is to re-set the address you wish to use, as the Default!

Tools>Accounts>highlight the one you want to use, then click on Set as Default.

  lindyloo4 20:08 13 Aug 2008

Try clicking File then select Identities.

  Technotiger 20:25 13 Aug 2008

I think lindyloo's suggestion is the better way - I had not thought of that.

  loopyloo 07:14 14 Aug 2008

Hi no tried this. I think I will have to go back to using Outlook because there seems no facility of selecing my email address before composing. If I only had one email address this would be fine but I have about three. I can see you can select one as default but I didn't want to keep going into accounts and changing it manually and then sending a email and then changing it back again. In outlook you have the drop down menu so you can select which email address of your own you want to use.

  numskull 08:48 14 Aug 2008

In new message click on, "from" at the top of the message. All your accounts should be listed there with the default ticked. I have 3 e-mail addresses and can choose which one I am sending from using the above.

  Technotiger 09:04 14 Aug 2008

Following on from numskull's response - click on New Mail, then click on View and then click on 'Show 'From' Field. You will then be able to choose which address to use.

  bluto1 19:15 14 Aug 2008

Click on Tools>Accounts, type each of your email addresses into the box. Type the one you wish to use as default first.

I've got 4 addresses and although one is marked as default, I can select any one of them from the dropdown list. When I click on CC I print the first letter of the address and all with that start letter will appear.

  loopyloo 21:41 14 Aug 2008

Thank you all for your advice, I am going to try it.

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