dogbreath1 20:12 04 Jul 2005

Is anyone into Incredimail? I've got four email accounts two of which are web based (Hotmail Plus and BT Yahoo), one is Pop3 and the last is imap. The web based clients are fine when accessing their respective home sites. All four accounts work fine in Outlook Express. My only problem is when I try to send a Hotmail account email using Incredimail. The configuration seems to be identical in both OE and Incredimail but the latter has this send problem. The outgoing email just hangs in the outbox and I am invited to 'fix' it to allow the send function to complete. Any ideas please? It's not massively important just an irritation but it would be satisfying to solve it. Cheers, db.

  timeteam2004 22:22 04 Jul 2005

Select Tools | Accounts... from the menu in IncrediMail.
Click Add.
Choose Let me configure settings myself.
Click Next.
Enter your name and your Hotmail address.
Click Next.
Leave the user name untouched.
Enter your Hotmail password in the Password: field.
Click Finish.
Select OK.
Worked for me but hey who knows :-))

  dogbreath1 23:38 04 Jul 2005

Thanks for that. But I seem to recall that was how it was configured originally. Tmk, all was well until recently, when Incredimail stopped 'sending' Hotmail messages. However, I will delete the account and reform it on the off chance. Cheers! db.

  dogbreath1 20:07 05 Jul 2005

Had time to check back, and now recall that I did not configure my Hotmail account in Incredimail in the way you suggested. That way is the one suggested in various places but seems to have a flaw. It only gives the option to set up an account for pop3 (incoming) protocol and smtp (outgoing). Picking up on your method, after inserting user name and address, clicking next only gives the option to enter pop3 and smtp addresses and not server URL. Hotmail does not now support pop3, mail being sent/received via http :/ services .msn .com /svcs /hotmail /httpmail.asp. The only way I can see to acheive this is by chosing the option to automatically configure (by importing accounts from Outlook Express). The result is that Incredimail will pick up Hotmail but not send it (although identically configured OE manages to do both). Any further ideas please??

  timeteam2004 23:17 06 Jul 2005

This quote is taken from the IncrediMail FAQs:

"On October 1st 2004, Microsoft blocked access to Hotmail and MSN email accounts used in email clients such as Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Eudora or IncrediMail. Anyone who wishes to use a Hotmail or MSN account in any email client is required to pay Microsoft for this service."

It appears that you will need to subscribe to "MSN Hotmail Plus" to retreive your Hotmail messages through IncrediMail.

The link to do so is here:

click here
Try this free proggie. It might work for you, although my incredimail allows sending and I am not a MSN hotmail + member????

click here

  timeteam2004 23:18 06 Jul 2005

Cocked up on the link placements there oooops. The bottom link is the little proggie.

  dogbreath1 09:46 13 Nov 2005


First off, I happened to find a site which deals with all things Outlook Express and Incredimail. It looked promising until I navigated to the section on setting up a Hotmail account in Incredimail. The advice in there was the same as many other sites...and for [email protected] it simply doesn't work.

So I chose the option to email the site owner to ask him for personal help. Simply put, this guy (Steve) is superb. He spent days and over a dozen emails trying to solve my problem.

It came to light, that Incredimail does not recognise [email protected] as a hotmail address. So, during the manual setup of the account (which it seems you have to do rather than choosing to import accounts from, say, Outlook Express), you have to initially deceive Incredimail by entering your email address as [email protected]. This forces Incredimail into setting up the correct HTTP connection.

Anyway, Steve has rewritten the hotmail/Incredimail installation page on his site to accommodate [email protected].

The site can be found click here and the new setup procedure can be found click here

  Boy Zone 11:34 13 Nov 2005

For what its worth, I went over to Incredimail, but had problems, went back to Outlook express. It took ages to export all my mail over to O/E.
Incredimail has some nice features but O/E is better.

  dogbreath1 11:39 13 Nov 2005

I can't argue with that...I just like Incredimail (IM).

If there is a grumble about IM, it's that it can be a bit fiddly to uninstall.

For the record, if anyone does want to do that click here

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