A3 17:08 07 Apr 2005

Does anyone have an info on whether IncrediMail is worth using for e-mails, opposed to OE6? I know it adds more colour to your e-mails, but is it any use and is it as secure as OE?

  Technotiger 17:20 07 Apr 2005

Hi, I am all for Incredimail - in my humble opinion it it easily the best e-mail program available. I have the Gold Version, but even the
free version is Tops. I would say Go For It without hesitation.


  Technotiger 17:20 07 Apr 2005

Forgot, in my enthusiasm - click here

  A3 17:31 07 Apr 2005


How do you scan for viruses with Incredimail, I understand it won't go through AVG?

  Technotiger 17:37 07 Apr 2005

It does go through AVG - scans automatically. I use AVG and Kerio Firewall (free versions of both).

Download it and give it a go - you will not be disappointed.


  Fingees 18:27 07 Apr 2005

What I like about it, is the notifier.

If I receive an Email whilst not at my computer, the notifier remains on screen until I click on it.

I don't miss any mail this way.

  Dorsai 18:44 07 Apr 2005

I an not a fan of incredimail. I had it for a few weeks. It crashed, and took XP with it. I had to reformat and re-install. It totally trashed my system when it died.

Thunderbird, click here
on the other hand: also gives an audio message if mail arrives, puts a envelope icon in your system tray to let you know when there is new mail, has a mail filter, and other such options.

The main difference I have noticed is that when it FUBAR, you just uninstall it, and then re-install. No rebooting, no hassle. No loss of mail or addresses.

Thats my opinion on Incredimail.

  A3 18:50 07 Apr 2005

Thanks for all your inputs. I will give it a go for a couple of weeks and if any problems arise I will try Thunderbird.

  Indigo 1 18:55 07 Apr 2005

I also have experienced major problems when using Incredimail, it totally trashed my Windows installation and created a list of problems that took weeks to sort out.

This was a couple of years ago when I was less experienced of course and maybe it has improved since. I also found a lot of spyware was 'attracted' to it and scaniing with AVG did not work either.

I wouldn't recommend it.

  Giantsquid 19:07 07 Apr 2005

I love incredimail so I bought the thing, then it crashed and nobody but nobody from the support team could sort it, that is 2 years ago and it is still broke and the VIP support has stopped answering my emails,

Avoid it,

  Technotiger 19:08 07 Apr 2005

Well - I am rather surprised to find such apparent bad problems with Incredimail. I can only say that neither I nor any of my local friends who use it on my recommendation have had any problems with it at all. We all use XP with SP2, and I and several of the others keep everything up-to-date with all the usual Anti-virus/Firewall/AdAware programs. I am also very surprised when I see so many people with virus/adaware/trojan troubles etc, I and my friends are all on broadband and on-line much of the time yet very rarely, if ever, have such problems. My own PC is on-line at least ten hours each day, even when I go out I leave it on.

I still say that Incredimail is easily The Best and will continue to recommend it to anyone who asks.

Cheers. Didn't mean to rave-on, sorry :-))

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