BallyIrish 15:36 15 Jun 2011

A Google search showed me what an idiot I am for trying to install an email client for Windows 7 called INCREDIMAIL. I'm 74 and found I had installed kids' stuff. Now I can't get rid of scores of "dead" registry keys. Is there help available, or do I have to format and reinstall, or try a restore point and lose some stuff. None of the left-over keys have the permission blocks ticked, and as the Administrator and only user of my Windows 7, I AM the Administrator, but the permissions blocks refuse to be ticked. There being no fool like an old fool, I need help - is there anybody out there who knows what can be done to clean up my Desktop PC please?

  northumbria61 15:57 15 Jun 2011

I am and have used Incredimail for the past 9 yrs or more and now on Windows 7 64 bit without any problems. If you must remove it try this link text

You can also use Revo Uninstaller - download/install from here link text

  northumbria61 15:58 15 Jun 2011
  northumbria61 15:59 15 Jun 2011

Sorry - Link Text didn't work 1st time.

  anchor 15:59 15 Jun 2011

Any help?

remove incredimail

  HondaMan 17:08 15 Jun 2011

I have been using incredimail for several years, from Windows XP. I skipped Vista and went straight to Win 7 Pro 64-bit with no problems.

  BallyIrish 17:30 15 Jun 2011

Thank you Northumbria61 and anchor. To clarify my predicament, I installed the free Incredimail, and then, using Revo Uninstaller (free version), I uninstalled Incredimail immediately, as unsuitable for an old man.

Using RegSeeker's "Find in registry..." facility (as I always do, because Revo does a poor job), I found pages of Incredimail registry keys still on my PC.

RegSeeker could not uninstall them, as their permissions blocks are blank and refuse to allow me to tick them to permit their deletion. So I am unable to use your suggestion, Northumbria61 but thanks all the same. I have not yet tried your suggestion anchor, but will do so and let you know. wrote to Incredimail and the reply was to leave the dead registry keys in my registry as they would do no harm. But I like to keep my PCs clean, and want to install the paid version of Incredimail, free of kid's studd and advertisements, but it will not install as the dead keys are causing an installation error. I will now try anchor's remedy.

  BallyIrish 17:42 15 Jun 2011

No anchor, I have already uninstalled Incredimail Free. Let me rephrase the problem: how do I clean out the left-over registry keys (pages of them) in my Windows 7 registry which are preventing an install of the paid version, Incredimail Plus? As the permissions blocks are unticked, they defy deletion.

  BallyIrish 17:51 15 Jun 2011

Thanks HondaMan. Both my young, married daughters use the free Incredimail with little girls on swings, and jumpy smileys, and they have no problems with their emails. They have both used Incredimail for years with success. When I installed my program, I thought I was installing the paid-for version. I'm too old for this game and ignorance is NOT bliss!

I have just received an email from Incredimail with new instructions for cleaning out my registry. Let me try that. Thank you all, and you too PC Acvisor for an efficient service!

  northumbria61 20:43 15 Jun 2011

Yes, I forgot to say, I have had the paid-for version since starting off - now Incredimail 2. I like it but not everybody does, comes down to personal choice. I just think it adds a bit of variety to emails.

  northumbria61 20:45 15 Jun 2011

There's also more information here to clean out "leftovers" link text

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